Real Techniques Deep Cleaning Brush Gel Review!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Up until now, there has been a huge lack of good quality brush cleaners - there are actually very few brands that sell cleansers for their brushes. Thankfully, Real Techniques noticed a gap in the market and have released their own Deep Cleaning Gel. I've always used regular shampoo to clean my brushes, however I think it's nice to have a product specifically created to cleanse your brushes, so I was dying to try this when I saw it in Boots recently.

Sam and Nic of Real Techniques recommend using this product weekly to give your brushes a thorough cleaning. It claims to improve the performance of your brushes as it removes all dirt and bacteria from them.

As I said, I don't have a lot of experience using brush cleansers (I love the ELF one though!), but I absolutely love this product. It really takes the work out of cleaning your brushes as it only takes a couple of seconds to deep clean your brushes using this gel. I simply squirt a tiny amount of gel into the palm of my hand, swirl my brush around in it a few times then rinse with water. I find when I use regular shampoo that it tends to really lather so it's quite time consuming making sure all of the suds are out of the brushes, so having this gel makes it really efficient and easy.

It has a lovely light scent to it - it's quite subtle but you can definitely get a fresh scent from your brushes once they're dried. I also tried using it to wash my Beauty Blender sponges, and it cleaned them well, but I think I'll have to invest in a Beauty Blender Solid to clean them properly.

My only drawback with this product is the packaging - I personally would prefer a pump bottle as I find this squeeze-tube can sometimes give you too much product at once, particularly as it's a gel formula. It's a minor issue for me though because it's really excellent.

The Real Techniques Deep Cleaning Brush Gel is €10.49 and available from Boots now. I highly recommend getting it, it'll save you so much time when it comes to cleaning your brushes!


  1. Oooh that sounds amazing! I tend to use anti-bacterial hand soap, but it takes so long to get my foundation brush in particular clean. i think I'll have to look into this!

    Steph -

  2. If I'm giving my brushes a proper cleanse, I always use baby shampoo, but I do use a brush cleanser when I'm lazy. I'm getting to the end of my Boots No 7 cleaner but it makes my brushes smell funny after cleaning and I think it's a little harsh on some of my brushes. Maybe I need to give this a whirl if I spot it when I'm out.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty