Beaute Louboutin: Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

I'm not one to get overly excited when brands release new products, but when Christian Louboutin announced the launch of his nail polish range in the summer, I literally squealed with delight!
Upon the release of the nail polish range, Mr Louboutin said, ''The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.'' In light of this, the first nail polish to debut from the collection was Rouge Louboutin - a rich red that perfectly matches the sole of his famous heels.
I eagerly awaited Beauté Louboutin to reach Irish shores, and it launched in Brown Thomas about three weeks ago.
I arrived home from school last Monday to be presented with a little black bag from my dad - needless to say, I nearly collapsed on the spot! 
The nail polish is absolutely beautiful - the handle of it is 8 inches high, based on a shoe Louboutin created for an exhibition. The bottle has a stunning ombré effect, going from red to black. The Beauté Louboutin range now boasts 31 colours, but they are presented differently to this one - the handles are silver and the bottles don't have an ombré effect.
To be honest, I would say this nail polish is more of a collector's item than anything else - at €45, it's not your average everyday purchase!

The formula of the nail polish is absolutely flawless - it is thick and creamy, and it glides onto the nails with one opaque coat. Practicality wise, I was concerned as to how the polish would apply with an 8 inch handle.... surprisingly easy!
Louboutin himself has likened the handle to that of a calligraphy pen, and it genuinely is one of the easiest nail polishes to apply. I hold the handle right at the end, and it gives excellent control. The brush is a perfect size - two strokes covers the nail evenly.
I'm still testing the longevity of it, so I will give you an update soon, but so far so good!
The colour is also a perfect match for the soles, as you can see from the pictures.
The shoes featured in the pictures are my babies - my Christian Louboutin Bianca heels. My parents got them for me for Christmas two years ago and I still can't believe they're mine!

It is difficult to say whether the price you pay for Rouge Louboutin is justified - at €45 a bottle, it is the most expensive designer nail polish on the market at the moment.
As I said earlier on, I would call this a collector's item and I certainly won't be buying all my nail polishes from the Beauté Louboutin range! I definitely think it would make a fantastic gift for a girl who wants a little bit of Christian Louboutin in her life, particularly in the iconic red Rouge Louboutin shade.

Personally, I absolutely adore my nail polish - I can't stop looking at my nails since I applied it!
In Ireland, Beauté Louboutin is available from Brown Thomas.

What do you think? Will you be treating yourself to a bottle of Louboutin nail polish?
Zara :-)x


  1. I felt exactly the same when I saw a nail varnish was gonna be released and the colour looks so gorgeous! I hope it lasts really long! x

    Sunaina ❃

  2. That is the most beautiful nail polish packaging I've ever seen. It's lovely for Christian Louboutin to dedicate a nail polish to his famous shoes. I'm feeling envious.

  3. Ooh the lust! I need one not want one!! I have some nude Bianca slingbacks so it's the perfect compliment!!

  4. ridiculously expensive but SUCH a beautiful product! x

    // The Dress Diaries

  5. This is something that would definitely worth splurging on. I saw on the Sephora's US website that they have released new shades.
    Rally's Beauty Highway

  6. Isn't it so amazing? I got one right away and love it so much. The bottle itself is a keeper and will be on my vanity for a long time, lol. I did a post on it too, (-: