Best Of The Brand #3: Rimmel London!

Monday, 8 September 2014

The third instalment of my Best Of The Brand series will be a spotlight on Rimmel London!
Rimmel has always been my favourite drugstore brand, as I just think they do some great products at brilliant prices. I'm going to show you my top 5 items from them - it was so hard to narrow it down as I love pretty much everything I've ever tried from them! So let's get started:

5. Rimmel London Stay Matte and Clear Complexion Powders, €5.99

I think it's fair to say that Rimmel are most well known for their Stay Matte powder - it's a lot of people's staple powder that has won numerous awards. When I went to buy it they only had the coloured powders so I got Silky Beige, and I love it! It gives a little extra coverage without looking cakey, and it's handy if you're wearing a light coverage base that you want a little boost on. It keeps your make-up looking flawless and matte for the whole day, with very little need to touch up. It reminds me of my holy grail powder, MAC's Mineralise Skin Finish Natural - just at a fraction of the price!
I also love the Clear Complexion Powder. It's a transparent powder which is marketed as a clarifying, anti-shine powder with 'Pureskin Complex'. Admittedly, I haven't noticed a difference in my skin from using this powder, but I do love the staying power of it and how it sits on my skin. It controls shine and mattifies the skin, it's also enriched with natural minerals.

4. Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip Glosses, €7.79
Top - Stay My Rose Bottom - Non Stop Glamour
These are my all-time favourite glosses! I've tried several of Rimmel's lip gloss ranges before and was never overly impressed with any of them until they launched these! They claim to stay glossy on the lips for up to six hours, which is quite a claim for a lip gloss. I can confirm that they do actually stay glossy for hours! They're not overly sticky or heavy on the lips. They're very moisturising, and they don't separate on the lips, which is something I have had problems with in the past with cheaper glosses. They're not chunky or overly glittery either, again this is something that most people complain about with regards to drugstore lip glosses.                               The shades I have here are Non Stop Glamour and Stay My Rose. My favourite is Non Stop Glamour - it's a beautiful light nude shade, that reminds me of the gloss that the Victoria's Secret models are known for wearing. I love to pair it with MAC's Creme Cup lipstick.

3. Rimmel London Eyeliners
Rimmel do the best drugstore liners in my opinion - I can't fault them! As I've mentioned before, I'm useless with liquid liner but I love the Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner, €7.19. It has a long, slim, tapered brush that offers precise control when applying the liner. It dries to a matte black finish and it doesn't flake when you reapply over what you've already done. It doesn't smudge or transfer either. It's one of the easiest liquid liners I've ever tried, and it's so inexpensive too! I couldn't recommend it enough.
Rimmel are also well known for their pencil liners, €4.67,  with many comparing them to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils, and they also come in a variety of colours like the Urban Decay ones.
Like the liquid liner, the pencil swatches and applies a deep matte black, and doesn't smudge or transfer during the day. I would compare the Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner pencil to my beloved Chanel Intense Eye Pencil - just at a much cheaper price! I've gone through about three of these pencils, I just can't fault them. These work a treat for those with watery eyes, as they set on the waterline straight away and won't move for the night!

2. Rimmel London Fix And Perfect Pro Primer, €8.85
This is my third bottle of Fix and Perfect, and there's only a few drops left in it! As someone with oily skin, a good primer is essential and most of the time you have to pay a fortune to get a primer that lasts all day. Not any more! The Fix and Perfect Pro primer has a moisturiser-style consistency and texture. It does have quite a strong smell so that may be something for those of you with sensitive skin to bear in mind. It doesn't feel like a primer, as I said it's definitely more like a moisturiser as it lacks the stickiness that some primers tend to have. One small pump is enough to do your face and to keep your make-up looking flawless all day - I can't recommend this little guy enough - it's a life saver!

1. Rimmel x Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick, €6.99

These are my absolute holy grail lipsticks! I have 7, so you can probably tell that I really love them! These lipsticks launched about three years ago, and have been a huge success and were also followed up with a matte collection. I prefer the colour selection of the original ones, but I do have a matte one - it is in the red packaging - which is probably one of my most used lipsticks! They are by far the best lipsticks on offer at the drugstore in my opinion - they're long lasting, they smell lovely and they're creamy without being too buttery that they sit into the cracks of the lips. I also think the packaging makes them look much more expensive than they are. The colour range is absolutely fantastic, there is a shade to suit everyone! You can see swatches below, so let me know which is your favourite! I have pictured 7 but only 6 are swatched as I own two 05 lipsticks - that's my favourite colour!
From top to bottom - 101(from matte collection), 19, 08, 05, 03, 01
 So there are my top 5 products from Rimmel! Let me know what yours are and what Best Of The Brand you'd like to see next!
Zara :-) x


  1. I love Rimmel makeup, especially their eyeliners! Great post.

  2. I've only used two Rimmel products, the Stay Matte powder and the Kate lipstick in 111, and I absolutely love them! I'm probably gonna try the 107 lipstick next, because it looks gorgeous, and one of their foundations too.

  3. I love that primer. It's definitely my favorite !
    Great post ! :)

  4. Lovely post! I so need to get my hands on more Kate Moss lipsticks. I have one so far! Lmao. I've yet to try the liquid eyeliner and powders, definitely gonna give them a go after reading this. Thanks hun :) xxx

  5. Rimmel is an amazing budget brand, I do look forward to getting my hands on them again once we move.

    Reflection of Sanity

  6. Thanks for the reviews!! I love Rimmel too, there's heaps of great affordable products! By the way I'm about to buy their stay matte powder in Silky Beige too, hope it matches my skin tone xD


  7. Rimmel is one of my favourite brands! Love their lipsticks!

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  8. I just LOVE the Stay Matte and the Kate Moss lipsticks! I think they're better than the Apocalips..

  9. Rimmel Stay Matte is my all time favourite! Love it!
    Tilly xx

  10. Rimmel are a fantastic brand. I love their Stay matte powder and their Apocalips lip products. They are just so pigmented.