Beauty Q And A With Pixie Lott!

Monday, 10 November 2014

The highly acclaimed Magnitone brushes have been a major success of late, (you can read my review here!).
 They recently announced that Pixie Lott is their new brand ambassador. In addition to this, she has designed a limited edition brush!
In light of this, Magnitone and Look Fantastic organised an exclusive Q and A broadcast with Pixie, which I was so lucky to get to take part in. So if you've ever wanted to know Pixie's beauty tips and tricks, read on...

Why do you use Magnitone?
Pixie: It gives me confidence - it gives me glowing skin, which I love. You gotta work with what you got, so it really helps!

Did you notice a difference in your skin after 7 days?
Yes! It really improved my skin. It also made a huge difference to how I apply my make-up and moisturiser - they just glide onto my skin after using my Magnitone.

What's the best thing about the Magnitone for you?
It gives me the glow I want - it gives a natural youthfulness that all girls want.

Considering your hectic schedule, what does your beauty routine consist of?
I always cleanse with my Magnitone, using a good quality cleanser with it. I always keep the products consistent too. I don't wear makeup every day, if I don't have to. If I do wear makeup, I always choose a foundation with no impurities that are kind to the skin.

What are your ultimate skincare tips?
Take your makeup off religiously! Don't use makeup wipes, they're so bad for your skin. Using something like my Magnitone is much quicker as it only takes a minute to remove all your makeup with it.

What's in your beauty bag?
I love glowy skin, so I use my highlighter from Benefit to continue that glow after I use my brush.

Who was your beauty icon growing up?
I was very inspired by the 60's. I loved the big eyes and classic looks. I loved Brigitte Bardot. I also thought Britney Spears was beautiful.

What's your must have beauty item when you're on the go?
My Magnitone, obviously! I also love lip balm in the winter, especially first thing in the morning.
(Side note: you can also use your Magnitone on your lips gently to remove any dry skin!)

What's the beauty product you can't live without?
A tinted moisturiser.

What's your biggest beauty extravagance?
I do love spa days!

What helps boost your confidence?
If I feel comfortable. If I'm comfortable around the people I'm with, with what I'm wearing - the perfect little black dress maybe! If I'm happy with my makeup or hair, that really boosts my confidence.

Thank you so much to Magnitone, Look Fantastic and Pixie Lott for organising the broadcast, I had so much fun hearing all of Pixie's beauty loves and tips!

In her role as brand ambassador, Pixie has designed her own limited edition Magnitone Lucid in Pink.
I've raved about my Magnitone so many times on my blog, so I would highly recommend adding one to your Christmas list.
You can purchase your Magnitone Lucid, both the permanent collection and the limited edition Pixie Lott brush, from or for just £69.99. As I've said before, this is exceptional value for a product that will truly be the best thing that'll ever happen your skin!

I hope you've enjoyed reading Pixie's tips and tricks!
Zara :-) x

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