Stripteas Teatox Review!

Friday, 20 March 2015

The last few weeks have been particularly stressful for me. I sat my Mock exams, and with that came the old tale of stress eating and stress skin. Once my exams had finished I felt so drained and bloated as I barely had time for sleep, never mind exercise! So I was over the moon when I received the Stripteas Teatox a few days after my exams finished. I was hoping it would give me the ultimate boost and help me resume my usually healthy lifestyle. So how did I get on?

This teatox has three teas - a morning, day and night one. You get 14 Morning Wake Up teas, 14 Daytime Teatox teas, and 14 Sleep Tight Night teas.
Each tea has a different taste, which I really appreciated as it encouraged me to continue drinking them, as I wasn't getting bored of a constant bland taste. You can choose what flavour you want for your Daytime Teatox - I chose Berry, which tasted like really bland a good way!

My favourite thing about this teatox is that it's so easy to fit it into your busy lifestyle - you have the morning one after you wake, your daytime one about an hour after eating lunch, and the night one just before you go to bed. I've tried a few teatoxes in the past and my one drawback with them all has been that they have to be taken at very specific times, which doesn't really co-operate with my school timetable!

My favourite of the three teas was definitely the night-time one, it has very soothing ingredients such as chamomile and lavender. The morning one was quite similar to green tea, only less bland with ingredients such as orange peel and Chinese white tea. The day time one naturally tasted like berry, and also included apple pieces and Schisandra berries. All-in-all they were incredibly pleasant drinks!

Each tea is contained within a fully biodegradable pyramid bag to allow the ingredients room to move. You leave the teabag to infuse for 3 minutes before drinking to get the most flavour out of your tea.

I absolutely loved this Teatox, and I feel it did wonders for me after my exams. It completely cleared up my skin again and I noticeably lost weight as I continued my exercise routine alongside it. It gave me a lot of energy and the night time one made me sleep like a baby!

I would highly recommend the Stripteas Teatox as a way to kick-start your system, as it's by far the most effective teatox I've tried thus far. A huge bonus with this tea is the fact that each tea is incredibly tasty!

The Stripteas 14 Day Teatox is €39.40 and worth every cent in my opinion. They also ship worldwide so my readers all over the world can get their hands on one!

You can get your Teatox here:

Let me know what you think of the teatox!

Zara :-) x

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  1. I've been wanting to try a teatox for a while now so thanks for writing this review. Stripteas may be the way forward :) xx

  2. Love the name, these sound sooo good!