MAC x Cinderella: Royal Ball Lipstick

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ever since I was a baby I've been obsessed with Disney, particularly their princesses, so you can imagine my delight when MAC announced their collaboration with Disney on this brand new collection to celebrate the release of the new live-action Cinderella.
MAC tend to release new collections fairly often, however the hype around this limited edition release was exceptional!

The collection came out in Ireland last Friday, so I was over the moon to come home from school and discover that my mum had treated me to a lipstick from the collection! 

I got 'Royal Ball', which is a warm-toned fleshy pink, with a lustre finish. It goes on relatively sheer, sort of a frosted finish. It's a little paler than my natural lip colour so I would describe it as a nude on me. 

I think MAC did an excellent job with this collection, and I love that the lipstick has a slight iridescence to it - very princess-like!

For a lustre lipstick, it lasted incredibly well on me - I had mine on for about five hours before it wore down. 

And of course this wouldn't be a blog post by me if I didn't mention the packaging. It is to die for!
I adore the lavender-blue bullet with the gold Cinderella logo - I love that they kept the packaging true to her original dress! Even the box of the lipstick is sitting proudly on my vanity - it's too beautiful to discard! 

The Cinderella lipsticks are €21.50 each, but you'll be lucky to snap one up at this stage - my local MAC sold out within hours, apparently!

This collection got me thinking, what other Disney collections could MAC do? I personally would love a Frozen 2 one or a Beauty And The Beast range! Frozen 2 comes out next year, and Beauty And The Beast is set for release in 2017 so that gives MAC plenty of time to put measures in place!

What Disney collection would you like to see from MAC?

Zara :-) x 


  1. I definitely think they should do a Frozen one. :D
    The lipstick looks divine omg. <3


  2. It looks like such a beautiful colour! xx

  3. I really wanted one of these for my collection but didn't manage to get one :( xx

    Through New Eyes x

  4. I really wanted to purchase this, but it sold out so quickly! I would also love a Beauty and The Beast collection!

    Caked To The Nines

  5. I love the packaging of this!! Cinderella was one of my favourite Disney pricesses growing up :)

    Rachel |

  6. Aww I really want one. I've even just checked their website and they are all sold out.
    I just think the packaging is gorgeous. Let's hope they get some more in.
    Kirsty x