New In: MAC Spirit Lipstick

Monday, 23 March 2015

As I've mentioned in a few recent blog posts/Tweets, I finished my Mock exams in school in February and have finally received my results, which I'm over the moon about! To celebrate, my parents surprised me with this gorgeous lipstick by MAC. I had actually never heard of the shade before, so I thought I would share this beauty with you all!

A few days before I got this, my brother bought it for his girlfriend on recommendation from her friend, so when he arrived home with it the first thing I did was get on Google to see what it looked like!

It's a beautiful 90s nude-brown with a satin finish. It reminds me a bit of Velvet Teddy, only it doesn't have a matte finish and it's darker. However I believe Velvet Teddy is near impossible to get at the minute, so maybe this is the way to go!

These darker lip colours are becoming so popular at the minute. When Mum went to buy this for me, the lady at the MAC counter told her that every time Spirit comes in stock, they sell out within a few days. This surprised me as I hadn't heard of it prior to actually getting it!

Dare I say it - it's another great option if you're still loving the Kylie Jenner lip trend! I've paired this with Soar lip pencil several times and they go beautifully together. Although I'm so obsessed with Soar lip pencil I pair it with everything!

Like with all satin finish lipsticks from MAC, the longevity of Spirit is incredible - it doesn't smudge or budge at all throughout the day! Satin is by far my favourite finish from MAC, the satin lipsticks are always of superior quality, in my opinion.

Spirit is a fantastic everyday lip option, but it also works really well with a dramatic night-out look - it's a brilliant versatile shade.

Will you be adding Spirit to your wishlist?

Zara :-)


  1. oo I've been looking for a darkish nude lippy, this looks lovely
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  2. Beautiful shade! Reminds me of velvet teddy:)

  3. Thats a gorgeous shade! Looks amazing with your skin tone :)

  4. Such a nice shade! I really want velvet teddy so this may have to do xx

    Through New Eyes x

  5. Hope your exams went well. :) It's always nice to get awarded for your hard work. :) I have actually never heard of Spirit before but it does look nice. Like you, it reminds me a lot of Velvet teddy too! I love the amplified lipsticks. I might add this to my collection, not sure yet!