Ultimate Dupe For Soar By MAC: Kiko 712 Smart Lip Pencil

Monday, 6 July 2015

Without a doubt, this has been the year of the Kylie Jenner lips. When it was revealed that her lip pencils of choice are Soar and Whirl by MAC, these became the most sought-after lip products on the market. Even now, it's incredibly difficult to get your hands on either one of the pencils.

Soar is my personal favourite lip pencil, and so today I'm delighted to share a dupe for it that I picked up in Portugal last week. It's by Kiko, a brand that I have raved about multiple times here on the blog.

This is their Smart Lip Pencil in the shade 712. The only difference I see between the two colours is that 712 is more pinky, whereas Soar is more on the brown side. In the picture below, Soar is on the right and 712 is on the left. It's not a major colour difference, however if you had the Kiko pencil you could easily match it with a brown lipstick to achieve the same effect that Soar would give.

In terms of quality, I honestly see no difference in them. They both glide on the lips smoothly and last all day. They're incredibly creamy and aren't overly drying on the lips.

To me, the only true difference between these pencils is the price. Soar will set you back €16.50, whereas I bought 712 in Kiko for €1.70 (don't worry, I picked up a couple of them at that price!). The only slight disadvantage is that Kiko is not available at all in Ireland, but I believe there's a Kiko store in London. You can also buy off their website:  http://www.kikocosmetics.com/.

If you can get your hands on 712 Smart Pencil, I'd highly recommend it - anything to save a few pennies!

Zara :-)x

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