New In: Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Setting Spray

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Maybelline have started 2016 with a bang by releasing a whole new collection of products - from mascara launches to additions to the Baby Lips range, they're offering something for everyone in the audience. For this reason you can expect lots of Maybelline reviews from me this month as they're one of my favourite drugstore brands as it is, so I'll be happily testing out everything they put on the shelves.

Today we're talking about their new 24 Hour Setting Spray, which is part of their long running Superstay collection. I've tried their Superstay foundation and concealer, which are both excellent, so I definitely believe in their longevity claims.

The 24 Hour Setting Spray claims to lock in makeup and extend both wear and freshness for a flawless look that lasts as if it was just applied. It's also translucent and oil free. The bottle instructs you to hold it 10cm away from your face - make sure you follow this guideline! The first time I used this, I held it too close to my face and ended up with these peculiar looking white dots all over my face! Make sure it's a good arms-length distance away from your face before spraying and it'll work wonders.

The spray doesn't feel sticky or tacky and it absorbs into the skin instantly. What I love most about this setting spray is that it doesn't feel heavy on your skin, it's a lovely refreshing mist that you can't even feel on your face. I've been substituting my face powders for this little guy as it works just as well and feels much lighter on the face.

Sometimes if I want to pack an extra punch when it comes to a flawless base, I spray a generous amount of the product onto my Beauty Blender and blend it over my face. It really locks everything in place and gives a flawless finish.

I absolutely love this setting spray, aside from the minor white dot issue when I first used it. For €10.49, it's a great way to introduce a setting spray into your makeup routine if you want a break from setting powders. Even as the spring and summer comes in this is a great alternative to powder products. It's a big thumbs up from me!

What's your favourite setting spray?

Zara :-) x


  1. I've heard about this product and have wanted to try it since I love a good setting spray! Great review! XO -Kim

  2. This sounds great! I recently got the L'oreal fixing mist and I love it! So glad these are making an appearance on the highstreet now!

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