Zoella Beauty Mini Fizz Bars Trio Review!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

When it comes to Christmas gifts, Zoella Beauty has really hit the nail on the head - Zoe has released products that are suitable for girls of most ages, and are absolutely adorable! I feel like even if you're not familiar with Zoella, you'd be more than happy to receive one of her sets for Christmas as they're just too cute! One of my personal favourites from her Christmas collection is this set of three mini Fizz Bars. I actually have one of her full sized ones and I love it, so I think this is a great addition to her collection.

The set comes with three 100g bath fizzers, which are half the size of her full sized one. The three bars have the same scent as her original Zoella Beauty range - it's fresh yet florally, but not too overpowering. The smell of the bathroom after you pop one in the bath is incredible! I love using the bath fizzers in collaboration with the Zoella Soak Opera shower gel.

In true Zoella style, the packaging of this range is absolutely beautiful, and follows the same theme as her first Zoella Beauty range. Each bar has six little squares, each with a Z on it. I love the designs on each bar - they're super girlie and look adorable in the bathroom. Even the plastic packaging the three bars are housed in looks lovely as it's topped with a little red bow!
`100g bath fizzer v 200g full size
In terms of how they actually perform, I really can't fault these products. They look delicious (make sure you don't eat them!), they make a lovely effect in the bath tub as they fizz around, and they leave you smelling amazing! You simply pop one or two squares in the bath and you're good to go!

This set is really excellent value at €9.99. As you only need one or two squares per bath, you have three bars which will last you a good while. It's also a great idea if you're thinking of making beauty boxes for your friends as you can divide the set into three different gifts - always a winner in my book!

Is there anything from Zoella's range on your Christmas list?

Zara :-) x

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  1. I really want to try it but sadly it's not available in my country. Nice post btw xo