Ziaja Cocoa Butter Body Butter & Shower Scrub review!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

There is only one scent that I associate with summer - cocoa. I just think it's so sweet and instantly reminds me of warm summer days on the beach.

When I got home from my holidays a few weeks ago, these new products were Ziaja were waiting for me - what better time to try out new body products then straight after two weeks in the sun!
As expected, my skin was incredibly dehydrated after my holidays so I put both of these products to the test straight away. I absolutely love Ziaja products so I had high hopes for these products, and they certainly didn't disappoint!

Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter, €7.99
You really can't beat a good body butter when your skin is dry and this Cocoa Body Butter is an essential. As well as hydrating your skin and priming the skin for summer sun, it acts as a great soothing after sun product. It's quite thick but it blends seamlessly into the skin, making the skin feel so soft and hydrated. It's incredibly rich and creamy so it feels much more luxurious than its price point. It's packed full of vital ingredients for your skin, such as Vitamin E to soothe and hydrate, and Omega 6 and 3 to enhance skin elasticity and softness. I use this every day to keep my skin soft and to take advantage of the incredible summer smell!

Ziaja Cocoa Butter Scrub, €7.99
There's nothing like a decent body scrub that just exfoliates and refreshes your skin during the summer. The Ziaja Cocoa Butter Scrub is a blend of pure cocoa butter, coconut oil, natural crushed walnut shells and macro scrub granules, but what I love about it is how gentle it is on the skin. It's quite runny, so it's not a thick, harsh scrub like most of the scrubs I use. It's really delicate on the skin but still gently peels away the dead skin cells on your body. The macro granules also enhance blood circulation, oxygenate cells and smooth the skin perfectly. I use this every other day, again, to take advantage of the scent and to keep my skin fresh and soft.

I absolutely love these Ziaja products and couldn't recommend them enough. You can buy the Cocoa Butter range, as well as other Ziaja products that I've reviewed on the blog, on www.originalbeauty.ie and from independent pharmacies.

Have you tried any other products from Ziaja?

Zara :-) x

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