MAC Lipstick & Lip Pencil Haul!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

In my opinion, no brand does lipsticks like MAC. I personally think they do the best array of colours, finishes and quality when it comes to lip products. Although they are on the more expensive side, I believe they're worth every cent. Recently I did a little bit of damage in MAC, so I thought I'd share the new lipsticks and lip pencils I picked up. They're all part of the permanent collection as well so if you're one of those people who begins their Christmas lists in August - grab your pen!

Lip Pencils:
Top - Dervish
Bottom - Whirl
As you all know, I'm a huge fan of MAC lip pencils - I swear by Soar! As Soar is one of the infamous Kylie Jenner lip colours, I thought it was about time that I picked up Whirl, which is the other MAC pencil that Kylie loves. It's a beautiful dirty rose colour with a brown tone to it. It's much less pink than Soar, so if you prefer a darker lip I would recommend Whirl over Soar. I absolutely love this lip pencil paired with so many lip colours, or even on its own with a bit of gloss over it. I've worn it several times on its own without any gloss or lipstick and the staying power is incredible. Although it's a matte pencil, I haven't found it particularly drying on the lips. I can most definitely see this becoming a staple lip product for me.
I also bought Dervish, which is a beautiful pinky-mauve shade. It's actually incredibly similar to my own natural lip colours, so it's great for adding a bit of subtle definition to my otherwise non-existent lips! Like Whirl, it's incredibly long-lasting and not drying on the lips. Although they're a little pricey, I wouldn't recommend MAC lip pencils enough.

All three lipsticks I bought are matte, which is unusual for me as I normally buy satin finish lipsticks from MAC! As I said, all of these lipsticks are permanent fixtures in MAC's collection but 22 shades have been brought together to form the Matte Lip collection, so if you go to your local MAC counter you should find all three of them on a stand together.
Mehr and Velvet Teddy have been around for a while, but the lipstick on the far right is a brand new addition to the MAC family - Whirl lipstick. I just mentioned Whirl pencil above, so due to the worldwide phenomenon that is the Kylie Jenner lip, MAC have brought out a matching lipstick to the pencil.
MAC 'Mehr' Lipstick
Mehr has actually been on my wishlist for the longest time. I watched a makeup tutorial by Anchal MUA on Youtube about a year ago and she used this colour, which made me fall in love with it instantly. It was one of those shades that I always meant to purchase but for some reason it just kept slipping my mind. I had to go back to MAC to buy this after buying my other products as I went on Fabiana's snapchat, where she had swatched it and I knew I had to go back and get one for myself. This is a dirty pink shade that I think is incredibly similar to Brave, so if you're not a fan of matte shades I'd definitely take a look at Brave (which is my all-time favourite MAC lippie!). This lipstick looks beautiful on its own, or paired with MAC Soar lip pencil or Kiko 712 Smart Lip Pencil. I don't find this overly drying on the lips, considering it's a matte lipstick. It's definitely not moisturising but I don't feel any discomfort when I wear this. It's an incredibly versatile shade that would compliment so many different eye looks!

MAC 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick
I feel like this lipstick needs no introduction! The makeup artist in my local MAC told me that their counter was sold out of this shade for 8 months! Of all the MAC lipsticks, this is the one most commonly associated with Kylie Jenner. It's a matte, deep toned beige that is perfect for emulating that 90's nude look that everyone is going mad for these days. I held out on giving in to the hype of buying it for so long, but after swatching it in store I could finally see why it is so sought after. It's lighter than one of my favourite MAC lipsticks, Spirit, but they're in the same family of nude-brown lipsticks that MAC do so well. I found Velvet Teddy to be a little drying on the lips, but nothing unbearable and for the beautiful look it gives, it's definitely worth it! I always apply a thick layer of lip balm before applying this so my lips are as hydrated as possible. This also looks stunning paired with Whirl lip pencil to give it a little bit more definition on the lips. Like I said about Mehr, it's a great all-rounder lipstick to have in your collection to compliment all eye looks.

MAC 'Whirl' Lipstick
Finally, the only reason I actually went in to MAC last week - Whirl lipstick! Fabiana from FabianaCoppolaMakeup told me that they were releasing a lipstick version of Whirl lip pencil, so the morning it was released I raced up to get my hands on one! As expected, it's a stunning matte brown that works like a dream with Whirl lip pencil. Of the three lipsticks I bought this one is definitely getting the most use as it's just the perfect everyday colour. The longevity of MAC matte lipsticks is really brilliant, I got a good six hours out of this lipstick before I felt I needed to touch it up. I feel like MAC matte lipsticks almost leave a stain on your lips so you get much more time out of them. So if you feel like getting your Kylie Jenner lip on, go forth and get yourself Whirl lipstick!

So they are my latest purchases from MAC! As I said, they're all permanent collection and available on counters now.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?

Zara :-)x


  1. I have Mehr and absolutely love it, think i will wear it alot more in Autumn x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. Great post! I´m also a huge fan of "MAC" products. My favourite lipstick is "quite the thing" ;)


    Littlest Fashion Show