Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Up until recently, Too Faced was incredibly difficult to get here in Ireland, so now that it is available in Debenhams, there'll be plenty of Too Faced reviews on the blog for you all!

Today we're talking about the famous Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I believe the Chocolate Soleil is more popular, but I bought the Milk Chocolate version as it suits my skin tone better. The Milk Chocolate is designed for light to medium complexions, whereas the Chocolate is for medium to deep skin tones.

The Milk Chocolate Soleil is a matte bronzer that is perfect for contouring. Compared to a lot of bronzers in my collection, it's warm but not orange. Prior to purchasing this bronzer, I contoured with NARS' Laguna bronzer, but I find that this isn't as dark. It's perfect for giving a nice subtle definition to the cheekbones, but if you're more into the Kim Kardashian-esque contour, you can most definitely build the product up.

Sometimes I just use this as a bronzer to add warmth to my skin as it gives the most beautifully natural sun-kissed look to the skin. Although it's buildable, I find it difficult to actually overdo it with this bronzer as it's so easy to blend into the skin. I think this is a great option for those who are new to contouring or bronzers in general as there's no fear of going orange with it!

As the Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer is part of Too Faced's famous chocolate family, it has the same gorgeous cocoa scent that the two Chocolate Bar palettes have. What I love about the scent though, is that it doesn't linger on the skin - it smells beautiful in the pan, but you won't end up smelling like a piece of chocolate for the time you wear it! 

Speaking of the Chocolate Bars, I constantly rave about the original Chocolate Bar palette, so next week I'll be sharing my thoughts on its sister, the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar!

The Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is €28, and is available from Debenhams, online and instore, or online at

What's your favourite bronzer? 

Zara :-)x 

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  1. I love this stuff! I got the mini bronzer wardrobe at Christmas and I'll definitely be picking up the full size of this shade when I'm finished! Yay for more Too Faced reviews, I love their products!

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