Garnier Summer Body Sun Kissed Moisturiser

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Although it's officially summer, here in Ireland it certainly doesn't feel it at the moment! Rain, cold, and more rain. I'm lucky to have a summer holiday coming up in a few weeks, but I still hate that it's nearly June and I'm still resembling Caspar the Friendly Ghost.

Having said this, I've always hated fake tans - the smell, the colour and the texture have always been a complete turn-off for me. I attend an all-girls school, so I've seen how well fake tan could look, and certainly how bad it can look if done incorrectly! So for this reason I never really tend to dabble in that field.

Recently I was shopping with Emmajane, and she recommended this Garnier Summer Body Moisturiser, that has a hint of gradual tan in it. It looked fantastic on her, so I was eager to give it a go. 

It's simply a moisturising body lotion that gradually builds up a natural looking tan. I 100% agree with the claim of a natural looking tan - the moisturiser gives the most beautiful, olive tone to your skin that just adds the perfect amount of bronze to your skin. It comes in two shades, light and deep, but I opted for light.

What I find most interesting about this product is that the moisturiser itself is actually white - I expected it to be bronze, or have some sort of indication that there was tan in it. Because of this, I actually doubted that it would work, but after two days of using it I had a noticeable glow on my arms where I used it!

As it's a gradual tan, there's no real fear of going overboard with it - I normally use it for about four days in a row, then leave it for a couple of days, and once it starts to fade I repeat the process. It's just great to give your skin that extra boost - people definitely won't suspect that you've spent a month in Marbella, though. I would describe the colour it gives as that bit of a tan you get when you sit out in the garden in the nice weather - super natural but definitely recognisable! 

My favourite thing about this product is most definitely the smell - I go through body butters and moisturisers like there's no tomorrow, but this is by far the nicest smelling product I own. There's not a hint of that horrid fake tan smell, it has apricot extract so the smell is literally summer in a bottle - it's like a fruity sun cream! Even if the product hadn't have impressed me, I would have continued to use it purely for the scent! 

I could not give the Garnier Summer Body moisturiser any more of a glowing review - it's most certainly in the top three products that I've tried so far this year, I absolutely love it. 

I bought this from Penneys (Primark if you're in the UK) for €3.30 - what a price! This is the 250ml bottle, and there's a 500ml bottle available too. I've also seen it in Boots, so I imagine you'll find it in any pharmacy that stocks Garnier products. 

Are you a fan of fake tans?

Zara :-)x 

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