The Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush Face Brush Set Review!

Monday, 25 May 2015

There's nothing I love more than a good set of brushes at a decent price. Apart from Real Techniques, it seems like there aren't any other companies who produce excellent quality brushes for affordable prices.

That's until I discovered The Vintage Cosmetic Company! Also stocked at Boots, they have the most incredible brushes, that for me, personally win over Real Techniques as their brushes predominately have natural bristles, which I prefer. Of course there's the exception of the foundation/concealer brushes!

I also believe that a good set of makeup brushes is absolutely vital for makeup application, so I'm delighted to report that these brushes are exceptional for the price.
The set I'll be reviewing today is the Airbrush Face Brush Set, but you can buy all these brushes (and more!) separately if you so wish.

This set contains the three brushes you need to create the perfect, flawless canvas - a powder brush, foundation brush and concealer brush. The brushes are nice and weighty, meaning you get optimum control when you hold them, and I love the cream handles that have the brush's recommended use written on them. As you all well know, I'm a big fan of a multi-purpose product so I love the fact that these brushes have a multitude of different ways they can be used!

My favourite of the three brushes is the powder brush. It's a duo-fibre, natural bristle brush which is incredibly soft. I love using this with my new Urban Decay loose powder as it picks up the product really well and disperses it evenly across my face. I've also used this as a foundation brush with liquid foundations and it's excellent - it definitely gives the airbrush finish that this kit promises!

I like to call these foundation brushes 'the paint brush for your face', because that's what they feel like! Anyway, I actually really love these types of brushes - particularly this one. It's pretty much identical to the far more expensive MAC 190 foundation brush, and it's quite tightly packed so it's great as there's no streaks when using it. I've been using this with all of my foundations recently, and it leaves a beautiful, natural yet full coverage look.

Last but certainly not least is the concealer brush. Essentially it's just a teeny-tiny version of the foundation brush, but again, it's a fantastic brush. It's the perfect size for precision, I use it for concealing blemishes more so than under the eyes as recently I've been using a cream concealer so it makes it much easier. What I particularly love about this brush is the fact that it actually blends in the concealer - normally I find the concealer brushes are only useful for initially laying the product down, then going back with my fingers or a sponge to actually blend it. This brush does both jobs for me, which I really appreciate!

In terms of care for the brushes, they wash incredibly well. I like to deep clean my brushes every time I use them (I know, it takes me hours!), and there has been no fallout or weakness with the brushes. They also dry very quickly, which is great for me because I have quite a habit of deciding to wash my brushes about an hour before I need them!

I absolutely love the Vintage Cosmetic Company Brushes and will definitely be buying more to add to my ever-expanding collection. The Airbrush Face Set is £22.50 and is available here.

What are your favourite brushes?

Zara :-)x

*Products sent as PR samples.

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  1. I am such a real techniques junkie.
    I will definitely do a bit more research on these brushes and consider them for my next purchase. They look really pretty also.