Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows

Friday, 29 May 2015

Over the last year or two, it's been all about the brows when it comes to makeup, and so every brand under the sun has brought forward their best offerings in the brow department. Today I'll be sharing the Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Kit.

 I've heard lots of excellent things about Ruby Cosmetics brow products so I was incredibly excited to see how I would fare out with them - they didn't disappoint!

This kit contains 3 different eyebrow stencils, an eyebrow powder and a brush, all housed in a nice compact box.

The powder is a dark chocolate matte brown, called 'Irid Brown'. It's highly pigmented and very soft - it blends so well that I've started using it as an eyeshadow too! I love the packaging as it's sturdy and holds a lot of product.

The powder is excellent - it's long wearing and will not move once applied! The brow powder is water, sweat and budge proof, so there's no fear of losing an eyebrow as the night goes on! Although it's pigmented, you have maximum control with the powder, and you can choose to have a light, natural brow, or a strong, defined brow.

The brush that comes with the kit is super handy - it's a dual-ended brush with a flat eyeshadow brush on one end, and an angled eyebrow brush on the other. My brush is a little frayed, but as you can see it's incredibly thin and so makes it effortless to achieve a flawless brow. I normally use the eyeshadow side of the brush to apply a highlight under my eyebrows. It's a great size brush to take with you on the go, as it's multi-purpose and won't take up much room in your makeup bag.

I think the eyebrow stencils are a great inclusion in the kit, as it really allows you to get that perfect brow shape without having to worry about messing them up! There are three different stencils - thick, thin and natural. I normally don't use brow stencils as my own brows are naturally quite full, but I've been really enjoying using the natural one just to give a sharp definition to my face.

They're so simple to use and are incredibly effective, particularly if you're lacking slightly in the eyebrow department!

I absolutely love this brow kit, and it's become a firm staple in my makeup bag. The Picture Perfect Brows kit is £34.99 and is available from the Ruby Cosmetics website.

*Product sent as PR sample.

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  1. I have never heard of this brand before, sounds like a lovely product! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog