My Top 5 MAC Products!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I think at some point of every beauty fan's life, they go through a MAC phase. It's one of those brands that seems to constantly be on the top of everyone's wishlist, whether it be their top selling products or their limited edition collections (like the Cinderella one..eeek!). Today I'm going to show you my top 5 MAC products that I couldn't imagine my collection without. These are MAC products that I've constantly repurchased, and that I wear on an almost daily basis. So let's crack on!

MAC Mineralise Blush in 'Dainty', €27
I'm a big fan of MAC blushes in general, but this is my absolute favourite. Dainty is the most beautiful baby pink with a golden pearl. I love that it has a glowy sheen to it, but it's not glittery nor does it emphasise pores like some baked blushes do. It's definitely buildable, which I like because it gives you optimum control over how your blush looks.
I love that the mineralise blushes feel very soft and buttery to the touch, they're by far my favourite MAC blushes. I've had mine for well over a year now, so they have since repackaged it but the product has remained the same! Although this is a pricey blush, you certainly get your money's worth because it'll last you a lifetime!

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in 'Medium', €30
This product probably doesn't come as a surprise to those who read my blog regularly - I rave about this powder at every given opportunity! As you can see, mine is well and truly used-up, but like I said with the mineralise blushes, you certainly get your money's worth out of the products - I've been using this powder since late 2012!
Anyway, I like to describe this powder as a filter for your face - it simply glides over the skin and seems to fix any makeup mishaps. If you're having a bad foundation day, a layer of this powder just seems to make everything look so much better. It gives a little bit of coverage, so sometimes when my skin is behaving itself I only wear a little bit of concealer with this on top.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in 'NC15', €21.50
Again, this is hardly a surprise! Any MAC lover will be sure to mention this cult product in their MAC favourites. Pro Longwear is just perfection in a bottle - it doesn't crease, it highlights, it provides create coverage...the list is endless. This is my third bottle of it, it's the only concealer I use. I love using it both to highlight and to conceal blemishes, as it provides the perfect amount of coverage without caking up around spots. It also makes an excellent eyeshadow primer - it's crease resistant and incredibly long wearing. I think if I had to recommend one MAC product to add to your stash, it would have to be this.

MAC Face And Body Foundation in 'N2', €31.50
Quite possibly my favourite foundation of all time. As the name would suggest, this product is so light it can be put all over your face and body. But don't be fooled by the runny liquid and sheer finish - this can be built up to be the most natural, yet flawless foundation! I imagine that the Victoria's Secret models wear something similar to this, as it really allows the skin to breathe and just amplifies the natural radiance of the skin. What I love about it is that it really is a full-proof foundation. My foundation stash is divided into full coverage ones for when my skin is acting up, and my sheer coverage ones for the summertime and when my skin is in good form. However this foundation is my absolute go-to as it doesn't matter what condition my skin is in, this little gem will adapt to it.

MAC Lip Pencil in 'Soar', €16.50
Yes, it's the infamous Kylie Jenner lip colour! I adore her lip look (not so much the overdrawn lips though!) so when I found out this is her pencil of choice, I had to snap it up. What I particularly love about this colour is its versatility - this pencil can be used with pretty much any lipstick! I use it to outline and colour in my lips, then I put baby pinks, nudes, even dark browns with it and it looks absolutely beautiful. It's my go-to lip look and I can't imagine my makeup collection ever being without it!

Here are swatches of Soar lip pencil and Dainty blush. I did a more detailed post on Soar back in October which you can view here!

They are my top five MAC products - it was very difficult to whittle them down, I have to admit!

What are your favourite MAC products and what should I try next?

Zara :-) x


  1. The concealer is my go to product, i use it everyday and love it x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I still need to try the face and body foundation, I was put off by the other Mac foundations so never got round to trying it. I do love Dainty blush though, it has a lovely shade and sparkle to it x

    Through New Eyes x

  3. I may need to go purchase dainty and soar now haha! 'Gotta love MAC