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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Today we're talking about some new products from the newly revamped BD Trade Secrets collection. You may remember the brand as Barbara Daly - my first ever mascara was from this brand! - but they now go under the name of BD Trade Secrets. Available exclusively at Tesco, I'm going to be sharing three items from the collection that I have been absolutely loving. Let's delve in!

BD Trade Secrets Luminescence Silk Primer, £9.99
I mentioned this product in my February Favourites on Monday, but I'll go into a little more detail in this post! As someone with incredibly oily skin, I'm quite fussy when it comes to primers, and it's not often that I can find a primer that can effectively prolong the wear of my foundation. The Luminescence Primer gives the most beautiful luminosity to the skin - I'd describe it as a natural sheen that makes your skin look incredibly fresh and awake. It gave me about four or five hours more wear out of my foundation than I would without it - a very impressive number of hours considering how bad my skin is! It is a liquid consistency that's very lightweight and easy to blend into the skin. The primer also smells divine - it has a very light, fresh fragrance to it. £9.99 is exceptional value for this 20ml primer, as it totally outperforms some of my high-end primers.

BD Trade Secrets Dream Shine Highlighter, £7.99
Despite only having this product a few weeks, I really cannot imagine my makeup routine without it now! The Dream Shine Highlighter is in a bottle with a pump, which I found quite unusual and innovative - I don't own any cream highlighters that can actually be pumped out, usually they're in pen form! This highlighter is almost bronze toned and very subtle - there's no fear of going overboard with it as it delivers the most stunningly natural sheen to the skin. I definitely think this is an essential makeup bag product as it's so handy throughout the day. You can mix it with your foundation/moisturiser in the morning to add a glow, then as your skin begins to get tired during the day you can top it up effortlessly to bring your glow back! It has a very light consistency and blends seamlessly with your fingers, no need for a brush. The packaging of the product also makes it look much more expensive than £7.99! This one is in the shade Lustre.

BD Trade Secrets Pure Matte Lip Melt, £5.99
I've been really favouring the dark matte lip look recently, so this product is right up my alley! The lip melts come in a variety of different colours - this one is in Graceful, which is a beautiful pink-red colour. The moment I applied this to my lips I knew we were going to get along very nicely. It glides onto the lips, and doesn't sit into any cracks, which is quite unusual for a matte lip product. It doesn't feel dry at all, it actually feels very moisturising on the lips! It doesn't leave a stain, nor does it smudge or move throughout the day. I would love to know how BD Trade Secrets formulated this product and why other brands haven't followed suit! This lip melt is the absolute perfect matte lip option - it's everything that you'd want in a matte colour!

As I said earlier on, the BD Trade Secrets collection is available exclusively at Tesco so be sure to take a look next time you're doing your food shop!
You can also shop the products online here.

What do you think of the products?

Zara :-) x

*Products sent as PR samples for review.

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  1. I havent heard of this brand before, love the products you have x
    Emma | Emmys Blog