Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Today's post is slightly different to what I normally share with you, but when I was introduced to, I felt I had to share it with you, particularly coming up to Christmas.

The initiative behind is that you can choose a person in need from a list of people all over the world, you can read their blog and befriend them, then send them a gift of your choice via Amazon. I thought this was an absolutely fantastic way of helping those less fortunate, as it incorporates so many unique yet modern features that a lot of charities are yet to adapt to.

Before sending a gift to a person of your choice, you can get read their blog and communicate with them via Skype. You can build a friendship with the recipient of your gift, and continue to read their blog.

Each receiver has an Amazon wishlist, from which you can choose that gift you'd like to send them.The only money you pay is for the gift - you won't be charged any extra cost from Amazon nor The gift is sent directly to the person of your choice, whether it be to their personal address or their local charity office.

If you'd prefer, there is also an option to send your receiver a gift voucher so they can receive it instantly.

I absolutely love the idea behind this project as I think it's an excellent way of connecting with people who are less fortunate than us and being able to help them in more ways than just providing a physical gift. You can build a friendship, and virtually speak with them through Skype while also keeping up to date on their life through their blog posts.

Just one of the young people you could help is the adorable Daisy Small, who comes from an incredibly poor family and has to wear the same clothes to bed, to school and to important events like going to church. Her Amazon wishlist consists of some essential items like new dresses, as well as some cute little girly items like Elsa from Frozen play shoes!

I actively encourage you to check out the website - - and sign up to do your little bit of good this Christmas. You are in complete control of who you choose to send your gift to, and what you send them from their wishlist.
It's a truly magnificent cause that I hope you'll all get behind and support.

Zara :-) x

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