Skincare Staple: Boots Essentials 3 Minute Clay Mask

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Today I have something a little different for you. Up until now I've only ever dealt with make-up here on my blog, but recently my skin has been acting up so much for no reason, which has resulted in me trying lots of new skin care products to try clear up the problem.
I picked up this clay mask from Boots a few weeks ago with Emma Jane , who had told me she'd tried this product and hadn't had any issues with it. For €1.50, I thought it'd be worth a go.
This is a clay mask with cucumber that you apply for 3 minutes. It's a thick, creamy mask that doesn't actually set on your face - I much prefer this to your conventional, hard face mask as I had the sensation on my face! Before applying this, I wash my face using the Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash, then after drying my face I apply the mask liberally. I set my timer for 3 minutes, and usually as I wait for it to work its magic I just wash my make-up brushes. After the three minutes, you simply wash it off with warm water. Your skin feels fabulous! My skin felt so soft, clean and moisturised. I follow up with my own moisturiser but my skin doesn't feel dry at all after using the mask. Your skin looks so fresh and clean when you look in the mirror - the results are amazing! However, the only bad news is that it is a temporary result. Your skin stays glowing for the duration of the day, or if you use it at night, it will still look radiant in the morning. But once you come home at the end of the day your skin goes back to looking like it did before you applied the mask. 
Boots recommend using this mask once or twice a week, which I have been doing for the last few weeks. 
Despite the temporary results, this has become a staple in my skincare routine as it makes my skin feel so amazing! It's the perfect quick fix the night before an event or a time when you want your skin to look and feel flawless. And at less than €2, you have no excuse! 
I couldn't recommend this product enough - it's as cheap as chips and gives such a luxurious feel to the face. 

Let me know if you've tried this or anything else from the Boots Essentials range!
Zara :-) x


  1. I've never seen this brand here but this sure sounds lovely and for such low price, wow!

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. This sounds great, will have to look in to picking it up for sure :)

  3. This looks so nice, products with cucumber in always feel so refreshing

    Steph -

  4. I'd really love to try this, sounds really good. Lovely post:)