Skincare Saviour: Magnitone Lucid Review

Monday, 6 October 2014

Brush face cleansers such as the Clarisonic have taken the beauty world by storm recently. They are designed to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, but these nifty little tools can often cost up to €200.
I was delighted to get the opportunity to review the new Magnitone Lucid Daily Cleansing and Exfoliation Brush for you all! I had high hopes for it, so let's see how I got on:

The Fashion Series Magnitone Lucid comes in four different colours - Plush Pink, Aqua Green, Dazzling Blue and Sunshine Yellow. I obviously chose the pink, which I think is so pretty and girly!

 The innovation behind this tool is that it allows you to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin daily to remove any impurities and dead skin cells. The brush comes with two cleansing modes, which both leave your skin soft and cleansed without your exfolation feeling too abrasive and rough.
The gentle vibration feels fantastic on your skin - it leaves your skin feeling buffed rather than torn to pieces!

The process of using the Magnitone Lucid couldn't be simpler - you just apply some of your regular cleanser onto the brush, then push the button and off you go! The vibration lasts for one minute and beeps every 20 seconds to indicate that it is time to move on to another section of your face. I absolutely love this feature as it ensures that your face isn't over-exfoliated and left feeling raw and sore. I personally tend to do 20 seconds on each cheek and my chin area, then the final 20 seconds on my forehead and nose.

The Magnitone Lucid claims to improve your skin in 7 days - did it work?

I can't believe the difference in my skin in such an short period of time - my skin feels radiant and my spots have reduced remarkably.
I honestly don't have one issue with this product - it stays true to every claim it makes and is an innovative, practical skincare tool.
It's also waterproof, making it effortless to incorporate into your shower routine without using any extra time.
The Magnitone Lucid comes with a magnetic stick-on charger, that comes with both a two and three pin plug (how handy!), ensuring hassle-free usage wherever you go.

I pair mine with the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash and I find that they work like a dream together.
As someone with oily/combination skin, I find that although my skin is not necessarily dry, I tend to suffer from little dry patches around where a blemish appears. This product helps clear my blemish while buffing away any dry patches.

I hands-down recommend this product to anyone looking for something a little different yet effective in their skincare routine. I could not recommend it enough, it has made an indescribable difference to my complexion!

The Magnitone Lucid retails for €69.99 and is available from Boots or online at the following locations:

What do you think of the Magnitone Lucid? Are you a fan of brush cleansers like this?
Let me know!
Zara :-) x


  1. I've always wanted to try one of these, I've heard such good reviews about a few before but they are so expensive!! :( x

  2. Haven't tried it yet but it sounds like a great alternative to the Clarisonic. And a cheaper one as well. Win-Win :)

  3. I could really do with one of these, it sounds great xx