Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation Review

Monday, 14 November 2016

In the last year or so, the drugstore brands have seriously upped their game and are creating real competition for their high-end counterparts. One brand in particular that has really impressed me recently is Catrice - from their highlighters to their mascaras, they just continually launch excellent products at incredible prices.

Enter their latest launch - the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. Now, I find that I'm hard to please when it comes to my foundations. I want to look flawless, but without feeling like my face is caked, or that I'm noticeably wearing a mask of makeup. This is a tricky balance to find, and I'm quite picky when it comes to finding that perfect foundation.

Although I'm fussy when it comes to foundations, I'm a marketing team's dream as I love a good gimmick. The Catrice foundation doesn't come with a traditional pump, but a pipette. This is generally a feature you only get with serums or much more expensive foundations, so I think it's a lovely touch to make the foundation feel that little bit more luxurious. 

Starting off with the only fault this foundation has - it's only available in four shades. Hopefully Catrice will expand the colour range soon to cover more skin tones. I have the second lightest shade, 020, which is a little dark on me but it's nothing that can't be sorted once you blend it down the neck.

The foundation has a lovely velvety texture and is extremely lightweight on the skin. It offers flawless yet natural looking coverage and it sets like a second skin. Although it's a mattifying foundation, it doesn't make the skin look flat - I would say it's more of a satin finish than matte. As I have oily skin I generally would always use a primer but this foundation stays flawless on its own without a primer or a setting powder. I would usually find my t-zone would start to get oily a few hours after applying foundation but this really doesn't budge!
In terms of application, I've found that this works really well using a Beauty Blender for high coverage or using a buffing brush (my personal favourite is the Powder 'N' Pout P230) for a softer, light to medium finish.

I couldn't recommend this foundation enough. At €7.99, it's an absolute steal and a serious competitor to much more expensive foundations. I've been finding it pretty difficult to secure a lighter shade of this foundation as it's sold out everywhere, so if you see it be sure to pick it up straight away!

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