Flormar Matte Touch Foundation Review

Thursday, 10 December 2015

As you all probably know by now, I'm completely obsessed with Flormar makeup - it's affordable and the quality of their products is flawless. I've tried so many of their products but I recently realised I hadn't tried out any of their foundations. I went to my local Flormar stand to scope out the selection and the stand had two different foundations, so I opted for the Matte Touch Foundation. I always find it really difficult to get a good quality matte foundation that doesn't make my face look flat or just completely washed out!

The Matte Touch foundation is medium, buildable coverage. I love the look of just one layer, but you can also add more without it caking up or looking too heavy. For a matte foundation, it settles into the skin so nicely and even if I have a little dryness, it doesn't emphasise it or stick to dry patches. My skin is incredibly oily, which is why I chose their matte foundation, but in the winter I can get some dry spots around my chin but this foundation doesn't cling onto any bits of dryness that appear during the day. However having said that, I always prep my face thoroughly before applying this foundation (or any foundation for that matter!). My moisturiser of choice is the Olay Beauty Fluid, then I follow up with the Nivea Express Hydration Primer just to add a little bit more moisture to my face.

It wears so beautifully throughout the day and it sounds so weird to say, but sometimes I prefer how it looks at the end of the day than how it did when I applied it in the morning! It really settles on the skin so by the end of the day a little bit of shine has come through, but it just looks so natural while your skin is still flawless. It doesn't look oily, but it just has such a beautiful finish - it's quite hard to describe really!

My favourite thing about this foundation is how lightweight it is - it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on your face, it's so comfortable to wear. I wear the shade Fair Ivory and it's a perfect match for my skin, and it also doesn't oxidise during the day so that's always a good sign!

For €9.99, I couldn't recommend this foundation enough. I feel like this year has been a great year for drugstore foundations, they're really upping their game. I'll definitely have a post up soon on my top drugstore foundations of the year so keep your eyes peeled!

Have you tried anything from Flormar?

Zara :-)x

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