Fit Life Tea Review!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

There is nothing I love more than trying out new tea toxes for the blog - I love seeing how they improve my skin, and boost my energy. Some of the teatoxes I try are mediocre, or don't do much for me, so I don't bother to share them, but this brand is one that I couldn't recommend more!

Fit Life Tea sent me some samples of three of their teas to review - the 28 day Teatox, the Sleepy Tea, and the Energy Tea. The creators of Fit Life Tea aim to inspire and enable healthy living by empowering an active, healthy lifestyle with teas that make you feel and look good.

28 Day Teatox, $54.99
This is a 28 day organic teatox that helps burn fat, stimulate weight loss, boost the immune system and clean up your digestive system. This tea is packed full of organic ingredients such as hibiscus flower, elderflower, apple, rosehips and allspice. This gives it a slightly tangy taste, which I absolutely loved. As you can see in the picture, the tea bag is in a pyramid shape which extracts maximum flavour to infuse more essential oils and flavour into the tea. Not only does this tea help banish those extra pounds, it leaves you feeling incredibly fresh and revived as it really cleans and detoxes your digestive system. I would highly recommend this tea if you're feeling a bit sluggish, or just need an extra boost in your fitness regime! It tastes absolutely delicious, especially if you're a fan of fruity tastes.

Organic Sleepy Tea, $36.99
The Sleepy Tea is an organic botanical blend that includes chamomile flower, organic cornflower and stevia leaf. It's definitely the spiciest tea I tried, which I loved. It has a golden colour in the cup, and the scent is incredibly soothing, it reminds me of lavender. It's the perfect addition to my night time routine as it's a light tea that really helps me unwind before I go to bed. I normally work until about half 9 at night so I really look forward to coming home to a nice soothing cup of the sleepy tea to help me on my way! As someone who just did exams in June, I would highly recommend this tea for those who are feeling slightly anxious or stressed as it really is a wonderful drink before bed.

Organic Metabolic Energy Tea, $54.99
The Energy Tea was by far my favourite of the three teas I tested out from Fit Life Tea! It increases muscle energy and boosts mental agility as it's packed with potent antioxidants and natural caffeine from green tea leaves. I normally drink a cup before I go to work, and it releases dynamic ingredients that help stimulate your system and energize you for the day. I think this is an excellent alternative to drinking sugary energy drinks or powering yourself with fizzy drinks, as all of the ingredients in the Energy Tea are organic. This will be the tea I'll continue to repurchase as I feel it gives me a great boost of energy to do a long shift in work!

In addition to your tea, Fit Life Tea provide you with an exercise and meal plan to work in unison with your teatox. I found this particularly helpful as it gave me some excellent meal ideas and the workout card was brilliant. What I love about Fit Life Tea as a company is that they don't just provide the tea and leave it there, they go out of their way to ensure that their customers get the optimum benefits from the teas. They also provide some excellent tips and tricks on their website for you to avail of.

The Fit Life Tea collections are available online at where you can also find great bundles if you'd like to try more than one tea.

Have you ever tried a teatox?

Zara :-) x

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