Bioderma Micellar Water Review!

Monday, 8 June 2015

If you're in any way familiar with the beauty blogging or vlogging community, you'll have heard about this product, without a doubt. Bioderma's micellar water is one of those internationally recognised cult beauty products that every girl should have in their bathroom cabinet. Until recently, it was relatively difficult to get, particularly for us Irish ladies, but I'm delighted to tell you that Bioderma are launching in Ireland this month!

I was incredibly lucky to get invited to Bioderma's Irish launch last month, so I've had a chance to play with some of their goodies before they hit shelves this month. Today, of course, we're talking about the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution, which is obviously Bioderma's most popular product. Did you know a bottle of it is sold every three seconds in France?!

Basically, Bioderma's Micellar Water is a revolution in terms of makeup removal. While many brands have released their versions of micellar water (Garnier, Simple, Nivea, etc.), Bioderma was the originator of this craze.

It's an extremely effective makeup remover, that takes every scrap off your face in one swipe. I've tried a couple of other micellar solutions, but I find that it takes a good three or four cotton pads full of product to take the bulk of my makeup off. With Bioderma, I'm able to take my face and eye makeup off with one cotton pad. Yes, really!

It's designed for sensitive skin, and will leave your skin feeling cleansed and nourished. It has no greasy or oily residue, and it's incredibly gentle on the face. Your skin doesn't feel stripped after using it, it almost doubles as a toner! It doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or uncomfortable, like some makeup removers do. It's also scent-free, again for those of you for sensitive skin this is another huge bonus of this product.

This is most definitely a holy grail product for me, and I'm so glad that it has reached Irish shores as I can't quite imagine doing without it now. I have the 250ml bottle, but it also comes in this adorable 100ml bottle, which excited me greatly at the launch.

A bottle of Bioderma's micellar water will set you back €11.50 for the 250ml, or if you want the little baby one it'll be €5.50. So do the right thing and get both for €17 - you won't regret it!

Also stay tuned for reviews of even more lovely bits from the Bioderma range - I have some good 'uns coming up!

What's your holy grail makeup remover?

Zara :-)x


  1. I use Garnier Micellar water which I love but have never tried this - have heard of the amazing reviews so i must purchase this! x

  2. I've resisted & resisted... I felt like it was all hype but I am, admittedly tempted! Might be picking me up some. Great post :)

  3. I have used the Garnier one before but this one just blows it out of the water. It really takes off your makeup like magic. I use it as a first cleanse and sometimes in the mornings x