Maybelline 'Peach Satin' Dream Bouncy Blush Review

Monday, 4 May 2015

Dearest Maybelline, please bring the Dream Bouncy Blush range to Ireland and I promise to buy every single shade. And back-ups. Many thanks, Zara.

As I've said in previous blog posts, we have an excellent variety of Maybelline products here in Ireland, but there are always those few gems that seem to slip through the cracks. It took them about two years to launch the Baby Lips over here, so I'm going to give them the benefit of doubt and hope that they're busily working on getting the Dream Bouncy Blushes over here ASAP.

Maybelline are by far one of the most popular drugstore brands out there, simply because it is rare to get a Maybelline dud - I don't think I've ever tried a product of theirs that has left me disappointed. However, to my surprise, when the Dream Bouncy Blushes were released in the US a few years ago, the response was quite mixed, with many citing these blushes as one of Maybelline's poorer formulations.

Me, being me, was overly amused at the fact that these blushes actually bounce (more on that later on!), so when I saw them in Duane Reade in New York I had to pick up a shade to test out for myself.

As you may have guessed from my opening line - the verdict is a good 'un!

I'll start with the formula, as naturally the idea of a bouncy blush was the sole reason I wanted one of these blushes! The product is almost sponge-like, with a clay texture. It's quite an unusual texture - I would go as far as describing it as Play-Dough! I think that's the best way I can summarise the blush - Play-Dough in a pan. But for your face, of course.
The formula is fantastic though - it feels incredibly lightweight with a powder-to-cream finish, which I absolutely love in the summer as the creaminess of the product just melts seamlessly into your skin. One problem I tend to have with cream blushes is that they don't apply evenly and I end up with blotches of colour everywhere! Peach Satin leaves a beautiful, natural sheen on the skin that lasts all day.
As you can see from the picture, the product is in a dome-shape so you can clearly see where my finger has indented it - it's quite hard not to indent the product if you're like me, because it's just too much fun to watch your finger bounce back off your blush!

The shade I have is Peach Satin, which does exactly what it says on the tin - it's a peach with a satin finish. It's an absolutely beautiful shade that's actually very highly pigmented. When I researched the blushes prior to buying one, a lot of bloggers said that their main issue with the blushes was the lack of pigmentation, so the general consensus is that Peach Satin is the most pigmented of the 10 available.

As I said earlier on, these blushes have yet to be released in Europe, but I'm holding out hope as they've slowly been releasing their whole portfolio over here. Maybelline have been particularly on point with their launches this year, between The Nudes Palette, the new Electro Baby Lips and the new mascaras - maybe this is the year of Maybelline launches!

Have you tried any of the Dream Bouncy Blushes?

Zara :-)x

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  1. No I haven't, but they sound so good!

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