Zuzka Dermacare Mattifying Facial Spritz

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

When it comes to skincare, I like things that are quick and hassle-free, but get the job done. I normally dread using a toner because it takes a little more effort than I'm willing to give - the trek downstairs to get a cotton pad, then applying too much and it spills on the floor....the whole process is usually a chore for me.

However, Zuzka Natural Beauty have provided a solution to my problem - their Dermacare Mattifying Facial Spritz for oily/problematic skin. 

It's a little can of product that you just spray directly onto your face - no hassle, no problem! You can apply it to a cotton pad first if you wish, but I like the lazy option of just spraying it all over my face liberally!

The facial spritz contains soothing lavender and witch hazel, which reduces excessive shine and oil build up. It helps diminish blackheads and open pores, so it's an acne-prone girl's dream! 

The tin keeps it nice and cool so it's incredibly refreshing when sprayed onto the skin. It left my skin feeling so hydrated and noticeably less shiny. I tend to use this before I apply my primer as it combats any oils that are present before I begin my make-up routine. 

I have been using this product for a good few weeks now and I can most definitely see an improvement in terms of the amount of oil my skin is producing - my skin has never
 looked as shine free as it has since I began applying this before my makeup! 

If you don't live near a Lush shop, this is a fantastic dupe for their Tea Tree toner, which I absolutely love, as it's also a toner you can spray. 

The Zuzka Dermacare Mattifying Facial Spritz is £18 and worth every cent of it. The brand is exclusively online so be sure to check out their Dermacare range on their website: http://www.zuzkanaturalbeauty.co.uk/

What's your opinion on spray-on toners?

Zara :-) x

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