Tom Ford Spanish Pink

Friday, 20 February 2015

There is no man in the beauty industry that can make a beauty fanatic as excited as Mr Tom Ford. His incredibly luxurious products are on the wishlist of many a beauty lover, and rightly so - they are breathtaking!

Long before my beauty blogging days, I've always longed for my own Tom Ford lipstick. They're so luxurious, and many bloggers and vloggers cite them as staples in their beauty stashes. 
I'm normally quite good at treating myself to whatever beauty products I want, but something about a €50 lipstick made me a little nervous. I wasn't very willing to hand over that much of my own money for one lipstick! 

Last Christmas, my parents halted my endless longing when they presented me with a little black Tom Ford box.
Even the box smelt like it was made of money - everything about Tom Ford just screams luxury.

Now I present to you my beauty baby - Spanish Pink by Tom Ford. Is she beautiful or is she beautiful? 
There is not one thing I don't love about it - the packaging, the smell, the TF embossed on the lipstick itself... I could just stare at it all day. 

In my opinion it smells identical to MAC lipsticks, and the longevity is fairly on par with MAC too. It lasts pretty much all day as it almost stains the lips.

It's actually quite difficult to comprehend how much love I have for this lipstick....

I particularly love wearing it with Rimmel's lip pencil in East End Snob, they really compliment each other.

Here's a picture of me wearing it on Christmas Day, as I think the best way to do it justice is to show it on the lips.

So, what lipstick/makeup products in general are you coveting?

Zara :-) x 

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  1. Such a pretty color!! xx