New In: Glo & Ray Date Night Beauty!*

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Glo And Ray are here to offer a helping hand to ensure you look absolutely flawless on February 14th. They have selected the ultimate products to make you feel beautiful, regardless of what you have planned for the day.
I have two products here to share, both of which I absolutely love! So let's delve in, shall we?

Glo & Ray Sky Breaker Long Lasting Eyeliner, £5.50
As you all know, there is nothing I love more than a good multi-tasking product. I'm known to use blushes as eyeshadows, eyeliners as lip pencils - you name it! This beautiful eyeliner is in the shade 'Golden Age' and is the most stunning sparkly eyeliner I have ever set eyes on.

 It has a striking gold shimmer to it - I adore using it on the my eye lids as a shadow - it's so unique! It reminds me of a mix between MAC's Tempting and Sable eyeshadows.
It applies so smoothly, the consistency is incredibly creamy and it wears like a dream. I have fairly watery eyes and when I tested this out on my waterline, it stayed comfortably for a solid 5-6 hours. Very nifty in my book, considering the price!

I tried it on my waterline, but personally I prefer blacks or browns on my waterline. It does look beautiful, don't get me wrong - it won't make you look like a lost 80's disco diva! I think it would look particularly well with a matte brown smoky eye to give an extra lift to the look.

You all know I'm a packaging fiend, so of course I'll be adding my two pence in about the packaging! It's very sleek and modern, but it doesn't feel like a cheap eye pencil. There's a lovely smooth feel to the packaging, and I love the fact that the colour shown at the end of the pencil is true to the colour of the product when you swatch it. Major thumbs up from me!
If you're interested in the Sky Breakers collection, be sure to check out the gift set to try a variety of different shades! You can shop it here.

Glo & Ray La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour, £12
Do you ever get those lipsticks that you open and instantly know you're going to become best friends with? Well, this is one of those lipsticks. 'Seduce' is the absolutely perfect Louboutin red with just the right amount of shimmer in. I'm incredibly fussy when it comes to red lipsticks - I don't like them too deep, too glossy, too matte - I like a Louboutin red. I like my lipsticks like my shoes!

When I first applied this, I couldn't quite fathom how this lipstick only cost £12. The formula is indescribable - it's creamy, pigmented and has the perfect satin finish.
The shimmer in the bullet transfers to a beautiful sheen on the lips, almost like when you apply a bit of highlighter to the centre of your lips to enlarge them.

I have absolutely no faults with this lipstick - it's perfectly moisturising, but despite being creamy, it lasts exceptionally well on the lips.
Yes Seduce lipstick, you are my new red lipstick love.
If you're more of a matte lipstick gal, there is also a La Amo Matte range, so Glo & Ray have catered for every lipstick lover's needs.

So there you have it - my two new makeup bag essentials. Whatever you're doing this Valentine's Day (or this year in general...), these beauty products are musts for your makeup collection. Musts, I tell you!
You can purchase them online from

Let me know what you think!
Zara :-) x


  1. I just can't keep my eyes off that red and its plain package! Secondly, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Awards :D

    1. It's beautiful isn't it?! Thank you so much for the nomination! :-) xx