My Makeup Collection and Storage!

Monday, 9 February 2015

The time has come - it's finally time to share my makeup collection and storage! I've been asked countless times whether I would do this post or not, but until recently I just wasn't happy with my set-up. For Christmas I got the Ikea Alex 6-Drawer, so because of that I've been able to set up my make-up in the way I've wanted to for so long.
You might as well get yourself something to drink - it's a long 'un! I've also included clickable links to everything I mention in terms of storage. Let's dive in!

On top of my drawers is where I store the majority of my lipsticks and lipglosses.
I keep them in these tiered lipstick holders from Homestore And More. Each one holds 9 lipsticks and they're only €1.99 each. The one on the far left holds my Rimmel and Wet'N'Wild lippies, the one beside that is lots of random ones, like Essence, Covergirl and Maybelline, the next holds my lipsticks I've been sent to review, and on the right are my YSL, Chanel, Inglot and Sephora lippies.
The larger holder above where my MAC lipsticks are is also from Homestore and More, and houses my lipglosses and lip pencils too! I also have a Michael Kors lipstick, a mini Victoria's Secret spray and my Elizabeth and James rollerball perfume there. You can get the larger holder here.

The first drawer holds the bulk of my face products. I love how I can space everything out so I can see it in these drawers. I have a huge variety of blushes, bronzers, powders and highlighters in here from brands such as Maybelline, Chanel, Rimmel, NARS and MAC. It makes getting ready to much easier in the mornings when I can see exactly what I have to choose from.
At the back you can see my foundations, concealers and primers. I store those in different sized drawer organisers from Homestore and More.

I keep my foundations in a larger drawer organiser, which is the 6in x 15in x 2in. This was €6.99 and it's the perfect size to house all of my foundations. You can get it here!
I have a lot of foundations in this drawer, however the Chanel and NARS are there just to remind me to re-purchase those two! I have a few summer foundations in there too on the left. I've also reviewed the bulk of these foundations so be sure to check them out if you're interested!

In this smaller container I keep all of my concealers. This is my favourite size of the Linus drawer organisers - you'll see plenty of them! This is the smallest size they do and it's €2.50. You can get it here. In here I have concealers from MAC, Chanel, Kat Von D, Mememe, Collection and some other drugstore brands. I'm quite loyal when it comes to concealers so this drawer only tends to get larger when I get sent concealers to review - I rarely buy them!

I keep my primers, BB creams and tinted moisturisers in this drawer organiser which is a size up from the one above. It's not really ideal for storing these types of product but it fits well in my drawer! This is the middle size and is €2.99, click here to see it! I had originally bought this size to hold my eye pencils because the Chanel and other high-end pencils tend to be quite long, but they didn't look right in it so I just settled on putting the primers and BB creams in here!

My second drawer is more of an overflow drawer than anything else, really. It holds all of the face and lip products that I couldn't fit anywhere else!
On the left side I have more lipsticks and lipglosses that my other storage unit couldn't hold, as well as lots of lip balms. I also have my Maybelline Baby Lips in the back but you can't see them! I have some liquid lipsticks from Too Faced, some EOS lip balms and lots of mini lipsticks from Sephora up the front.
The right side is lots of blushes and bronzers that I couldn't fit in the above drawer. I have some bits and bobs from NARS, W7, Sephora and Benefit in here!

This is my single eyeshadow/small palette drawer. I know, I know - I'm an eyeshadow junkie! In here you'll find eyeshadows from Dior, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, Relvon, Maybelline, Too name it! In the top right hand corner I have my Hermes highlighter, as well as all my mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadow sticks, eyeshadow bases and eyebrow products.
I store them in the smaller size of the Linus drawer organisers, which are the perfect size for them.

In terms of eyeshadow bases, I have a huge variety from Paese, MAC, Essense and Beauty UK. I have lots of eye pencils from Sephora, Chanel and Stila in the next container, as well as gel eyeliners. The next container holds jumbo pencils from Chanel, NYX and Rimmel, as well as coloured liquid eyeliners. The final container has all of my brow products from Benefit, Wet'N'Wild, Eylure, Essence and Kiko.

I think I stole these pink containers from my sister!  In them I keep my mascaras. I know - I have far too many! A lot of these are yet to be opened, while others I use constantly. I go through mascaras like there's no tomorrow so I always need to be well stocked up!
In these containers you'll find W7, Covergirl, Dior, YSL, Maybelline and Rimmel mascara offerings.

Drawer four deals with all of my palettes! I have to pile some of them up so I can keep them together. I previously tried laying them all out flat but I didn't like how it looked so I stacked some similar palettes. In the forefront you can see my Too Faced Chocolate Bar, my three Naked palettes stacked on each other, some Wet'N'Wild palettes, a swell as some W7 and Tarte. Under the W7 you'll find my MAC and Urban Decay palettes. I also have some Inglot, Sleek and Perfect Colour palettes hiding in the back!

My final makeup drawer houses all of my false eyelashes and some spare palettes at the back. I have lashes mostly from Eylure and Ardell, as well as some of the new Primark PS Love range - they're gorgeous! I also have some MAC lashes hiding in the back, I really like them too!

The final drawer holds all of my skincare items. At the front I have my Soap And Glory body scrub, some Simple products, some La Roche Posay and my Elf brush cleaner! I also have a basket full of my favourite Montagne Jeunesse face masks. In the back in the white Chanel box I keep my huge collection of Bath and Body Works hand sanitisers with my Soap and Glory body butters. I have some more face masks, bath bombs and my Magnitone Lucid in here too.

So finally we have come to the end of my makeup collection and storage post! I really hope you enjoyed and maybe got some ideas from it!

Zara :-) x


  1. Amazing storage and i love how neat it all is! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Wow you certainly do have an amazing collection, it looks super organised too! xx


  3. Lovely collection you have!

  4. Amazing. You have so much makeup I wish I could have a lot of makeup such as you.

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    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  6. You have so much make up!!! I don't feel i have enough make up to be too overly concerned with storage. What do you think? Also the storage units are excellent. :D


  7. I love your alex drawers - I really want them but just dont have the room for it - I am about to put up my make up storage it is no where near as impressing as yours - i need to purchase more make up now haha x

  8. I love the way your store your collection. Everything fits so perfectly in your Alex Drawer unit!

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  9. Your collection is amazing - and I like how despite the amount of stuff you have it's all clearly displayed and separated so you can see exactly what you have xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  10. Great collection. I wish mine was as neat and organised like yours.