New In: Eylure - The Brow Revolution

Monday, 17 November 2014

Eylure are world renowned for their incredible eyelash collections, and I'm so excited to be able to share some pieces from their brand new eyebrow collection! They have launched a line of products designed to shape and colour eyebrows. Their extensive range has absolutely everything you need to create the ultimate brow look at home.
The products I'll be reviewing for you today are the brow pencil, the brow kit and the brow stencils.
I'm absolutely loving these brow products at the moment, so let's take a closer look at everything!

Eylure Brow Palette, €12.99
The brow kit pictured is in Mid Brown, and features a brow wax, a brow powder and then a matte highlight shade to highlight the brow bone. First and foremost, I love the packaging! It reminds me of NARS/Sleek, and it's both compact and sturdy. It's the perfect size for throwing into your make-up bag, and the packaging doesn't get dirty like the rubber packaging of NARS. I really love the dual sided brush that comes with it, the angled eyebrow brush is really handy for working the wax through your brows.
The product itself is phenomenal - it's so easy to use and the results are incredible. You just run a little bit of the wax through your brows, then define them using the powder and you get the most natural, flawless-looking eyebrows! The product sets so well into the brows and doesn't smudge at all. It's even  waterproof! The highlighter is gorgeous too - there's no  shimmer so it's the perfect everyday brow bone colour. Even without an additional setting gel, the product will stay secure and give you defined brows  all day long! At €13, you really can not go wrong with this product. The brow palette is available in blonde, mid brown and dark brown.

Eylure Brow Pencil, €6.99
I've never been a huge fan of brow pencils until I got my hands on this little guy! This is a waterproof brow pencil that provides long lasting results. What I love about this pencil is that it's firm - I hate overly waxy or creamy brow pencils that are just too pigmented and too messy to achieve a natural yet defined looking brow. I've always found that eyebrow pencils are more for use when creating incredibly defined, statement brows, however this pencil is completely buildable appropriate for both natural and dramatic looks. I like a really nice, natural looking eyebrow and this pencil has been my go-to to create that. I also really appreciate the spoolie on the other side of the pencil - I spend my life searching for my spoolie brush when I do my eyebrows, so having one on the other side of my pencil is a lifesaver! The pencil gives you optimum control and is the essential tool for helping you emulate the perfect brow shape that you desire. If you're on the hunt for an exceptional brow pencil, look no further than your local Eylure stockist.

Eylure Brow Stencils, €6.49
This pack of reusable stencils includes four different arch templates, making it effortless to achieve your desired shape. The four rubber templates you receive are: High Arch, Full Arch, Slim Arch and Medium Arch. My personal favourite is the medium arch, as it's similar enough to my own brow shape and just helps me get a really precise finish when I fill in my brows. I think these stencils are an absolute must for your makeup collection as they are ideal for creating salon-finish brows at home. You can simply use your Eylure brow powder or pencil to fill in the stencil, then simply tweeze away any hairs that aren't in the stencilled shape. I have tried templates from other brands and I have found that sometimes they are completely ridiculous looking shapes, so it's truly refreshing that Eylure have created realistic stencils that actually emulate real brow shapes. I would definitely recommend having a pack of these handy in your makeup stash for those days when you feel like revamping your
eyebrow game!

I'm majorly impressed with this brand new collection from Eylure. They have truly raised the standard of brow kits, in my opinion. The Eylure Brow Revolution collection is available right now from Boots, McCabes Pharmacy, Sam McCauley Chemists and other leading drugstores.

What do you think of this fantastic collection from Eylure?
Zara :-) x


  1. The stencils look amazing! I NEED to try these, if i'm honest I am lazy with my eyebrows, and i've not found a perfect shape for me yet. maybe these will enlighten me! Great post!

    Much love xxxx

  2. I have always been wondering if brow stencils actually work. You know, because brows are just so unique for everyone (they don't even match each other most of the time :)! Glad to know one shape was close to your natural shape. I think it might come really handy for someone with few brows. I will post my favourite eyebrow pencil on my blog this afternoon if you fancy a read!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  3. Oh, how fun! I would totally give the eyebrow stencils a try; the older I get, the crazier my eyebrows seem to look, even with regular grooming! Lol.