Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette

Monday, 27 October 2014

 Charlotte Tilbury sent the beauty world into a tizzy when she released her own make-up collection last year. The stunning collection only launched in Ireland at the end of August, and ever since I have been coveting a palette of hers.
I turned 18 just over two weeks ago and my parents bought me the beautiful Dolce Vita palette, which I still can't get over! Today I'm going to share my thoughts on the palette and whether it's worth the hefty price tag or not!

The palette itself is actually quite small - it perfectly houses the four colours with little extra room. It's nice and compact for travelling, and looks stunning on your make-up table! I like that the packaging is simple with just Charlotte's logo on it, I think it adds to the luxurious feel of the palette.

The colours in the palette are breath-takingly beautiful. You get four shades which are labelled to indicate which one you should use when - a frosty pink champagne (1.Prime), a rusty burgundy (2.Enhance), a khaki brown (3.Smoke) and finally a glittery copper-gold colour (4.Pop.) I always like palettes that are labelled in accordance to how you apply them, as I think it makes it so much easier for people just starting out with make-up, or even for those who haven't had time to play around with the palette and just want a quick way of applying the colours! 
The pigmentation of the palette is of an incredibly high standard - the shadows are so smooth and buttery. I was quite surprised at how smooth the copper-gold shade was, as I expected it to be rough and gritty in texture. The copper-gold is obviously not as pigmented as the others, for the fact that it it quite glittery. I like to apply a gold base under it just to ensure that I get the fullest effect from it.
As you can see from the swatches above, the colours are absolutely stunning. I think Charlotte did a fantastic job at taking neutral, everyday colours and twisting them to create a palette that is unique and almost makes you feel obliged to have in your collection! 

As you can probably tell, I have absolutely no faults with this palette, I'm absolutely besotted with it. 
The lasting power on me is about 7-8 hours with a primer, and no creasing. I just love how versatile the palette is - you'd be incredibly surprised how many different looks you can achieve with four eyeshadows! 

I would absolutely recommend this palette, perhaps if you have a birthday coming up, or even add it to your Christmas wishlist! 
If you live in Ireland, the Charlotte Tilbury collection is exclusive to Brown Thomas and this palette will set you back €50.

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury collection - is there anything on your wishlist from it?
Zara :-) x


  1. So pretty! I'd really like to have the same palette, too, actually. We just got Charlotte Tilbury here as well; we had to order from the UK before that (and the exchange rate is not in our favor! Lol).

  2. I'm lusting after something from CT so badly but I'm holding out until I can properly swatch. This quad looks so beautiful, though. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. So beautiful! Can't wait to get this for xmas :D x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  4. Wow, the shades are gorgeous! x

  5. I love the 3rd colour, it's what makes me want this palette the most. Her lipsticks are in lovely packaging too x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

    1. The third colour of my swatches? If it's the burgandy colour, MAC's Antiqued eyeshadow is a great dupe :-) x

  6. I love the whole Charlotte Tilbury range, it is all such good quality, and the eyeshadows are fantastic. I have three of her quads, and all the shades are really pigmented and stay really well without creasing.