Best Of The Brand - My Top 5 Chanel Products!

Monday, 21 July 2014

I'm starting a new series on my blog that I'm going to call 'The Best Of The Brand', where I will feature my top 5 products from a specific brand. Today we'll be looking at Chanel! However, I will be doing many brands from drugstore to high-end so there'll be something of interest for everyone!
I do think posts such as this that deal with high-end brands can be helpful as when you're splashing out on expensive make-up you don't want to regret it! I always like to check several blogs before making a high-end beauty purchase!

5. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadow (€30)
These are cream eyeshadows but they have quite an unusual texture - it's like a soft, silky powder to cream style shadow. The one I have here is 89 - Vision which is a beautiful sparkly gold. It's not a very strongly pigmented shadow as it's quite glittery but that makes it perfect for layering over mattes or to add a bit of extra sparkle! I love to pair this with Half Baked from Urban Decay, I think they compliment each other beautifully. I don't tend to wear this on its own because on me, I find it can end up looking quite chunky if you continually layer it on itself. I'd recommend this shade for an extra wash of colour over another eyeshadow.

4. Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss (€26.00)
Generally I wouldn't be one to spend an awful lot of money on lipgloss, purely because I love drugstore lipglosses (particularly Rimmel ones, but that post is on its way!), but I actually got this as a gift off my parents and I love it! This colour is called 437 Eden, and I believe it was part of the 2013 summer collection. It's a sheer raspberry shade, that looks stunning over absolutely any lip colour! I love this because it means I really get value from my Chanel gloss as I can wear it over anything I want! I love to pair this with a lip stain too. As lipglosses go, this is actually not sticky at all - it has a light feel and a slightly tacky texture that settles once you apply it to the lips. So the Chanel glosses get a big thumbs up from me!

3. Chanel Perfection LumiĆ©re Long Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup (€44.00)
The first thing I have to say about this foundation is that it is the nicest smelling foundation I have ever owned! It's quite a strong scent so that may be something to keep in mind if you're thinking of purchasing this foundation. I adore the smell - it was one of my favourite things about the foundation! I actually need to repurchase this as I have just ran out. Anyway, I would say this is a medium to full coverage foundation that literally is like a second skin - you can feel it set on your skin as you apply it! My top tip for application is to work quickly - there is no time for dotting all over the face then coming back to blend! I pump it out onto the back of my hand, then dot it on one area of my face, blend it in with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush then continue to do so until my face is finished.
It certainly is a long-wear foundation too, I never felt the need to touch it up - as someone with oily skin I don't say that lightly! For the price you do get a good amount of time out of it - I bought my bottle in January and used the last drop at the end of April.
I have the shade 10 Beige, which is the lightest shade that Chanel offer but I do think I could have gone a shade or two up as sometimes I needed to load up the bronzer to avoid looking ill! This was coming closer to the summer though so my colour was darkening slightly. But of all the high-end foundations I've tried, this is by far my favourite!

2. Chanel Le Blush Creme De Chanel (€34.50)
Generally speaking I'm not a fan of cream blushes - I find them sticky and patchy on the skin. However the Chanel cream blushes have a powdery texture that I absolutely love! The shade I have here is 63 - Revelation which is an absolutely stunning light pink, that sets to a satin finish. The pigmentation of this blush is actually quite versatile, as you can apply it lightly for a nice wash of pink on your cheeks or you can build it up for a stronger colour on your cheeks. I like to apply a small amount with my fingers and then blend with the MAC 187 stippling brush. The longevity of this blush is also fantastic, it lasted the whole day on me and didn't look patchy at all at the end of the day. These are incomparable to any other cream blush I've tried - they are brilliant!

1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine/Rouge Allure Lipsticks (€32.00)
My absolute favourite Chanel products have got to be their lipsticks! They have an excellent range of shades and the formulas are really moisturising and long-lasting. My one problem with them is that I prefer the formula of the Rouge Allure lipsticks but the colour range of the Coco Shines! I have two of each to show you here and they are all beautiful colours. I think that Chanel lipsticks are the perfect thing to treat yourself to if you're in the mood to spoil yourself! When my parents offer to treat me to a piece of makeup I nearly always ask for a Chanel lipstick! I'm a huge fan of luxury lipsticks anyway, but I would say these are my favourites, tied with the YSL Rouge Voulpte Shines. There's also a lovely scent off the Rouge Allures, it's quite subtle and difficult to explain but trust me it's lovely! If you're at your local Chanel counter give one a sniff and you'll see for yourself! ;-)
The main difference between them would be that the Coco Shines are more of a glossy finish whereas the Rouge Allure has more of a satin finish. The packaging is also different - the Coco Shines twist up like most lipsticks, but the Rouge Allure pops out of its case and has Chanel embossed on the actual lipstick.

And they are my top 5 Chanel products! Let me know what yours are! 
Zara :-) x


  1. Smelly foundations always sorry me cause my skin hates them! Great collection xx

  2. Great collection! I am currently saving up for my first Chanel foundation and eyeshadow!