Kylie Lip Kits: Brown Sugar, Dirty Peach and Love Bite Review and Swatches!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ever since I finally got my hands on the Kylie Lip Kits earlier this year, I've been obsessed with them. The formula, colour range and pigmentation are fantastic - they're my absolute go-to liquid lipsticks. Despite the mixed reviews, I've always been a huge fan of Kylie's lipsticks. Naturally when she announced her Fall shades, I had to get my hands on them. I got the bundle of three on her website the day they launched so I've had them for quite a while now. Annoyingly, I got duties on them when they arrived (making them ridiculously expensive treats!), but I had high hopes for them so it didn't bother me too much. But did they live up to the hype?

Unfortunately, no they didn't. I'm majorly disappointed with the formula of Kylie's new shades. The colour selection is absolutely stunning, I have nothing like them in my collection which is what drew me to them in the first place. However they're incredibly dry and patchy.

Dirty Peach is my favourite of the three in terms of formulation - as it's a light shade it's quite easy to work with, and is opaque with one layer. It wears relatively well and sits pretty comfortably on the lips. Funnily enough I expected it to be my least favourite as I thought it looked quite pale on Kylie, so I wasn't sure how that would translate on to my even paler complexion. The colour is absolutely stunning on - it's incredibly bright and warm, but it applies lovely and smooth. It's the colour that I thought I would get the least wear out of, but it's definitely one I reach to often simply as the quality matches that of my other Kylie Lip Kits.

Brown Sugar is the perfect lip colour for me - I love a good brown-nude that's more on the brown side. I love Exposed, but I find that it veers more towards a nude shade, whereas sometimes if my eyes are fairly neutral I love a pop of brown on the lips. I feel like in terms of colour, Brown Sugar is the perfect in-between shade if you think Exposed is a bit pale, but True Brown K is too dark for you. When I first applied it, I loved the shade as expected, but it's incredibly dry and patchy. It took about three layers to get it opaque, but the more I layered it, the more it began to flake on the lips and feel very uncomfortable. No matter how I prepped my lips before applying it, nothing made a difference. The lip liner is actually very nice though, so sometimes I just use that on its own as my lip colour!

Love Bite was the shade I was most intrigued by - I've never been one for dark, vampy shades like this before so I was so excited to see how I got on with it. The colour is everything I expected - a stunning deep berry shade that's so dark it's almost like a blackened purple on my skin tone. Unfortunately, this colour did not translate well onto the lips. It's very patchy, it's so difficult to get an even layer of product on the lips. Even with the lip liner it's quite messy to apply, so if you aren't blessed with big lips, it's a tough one to work with! When I eventually got it to a finish I liked, it didn't wear very well and needed to be applied quite regularly. It must be something to do with the formulation of the darker shades, as many other bloggers reported this about Kourt K too.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend the newest additions to Kylie's Lip Kit family. I'd definitely go ahead and try the older shades like Dolce K and Exposed, but for the price you pay these lip colours really don't perform as well as they should. At $29 a kit, with $15 shipping, I really don't think these are worth splashing the cash on.

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