The Ultimate MAC Strobe Cream Dupe: Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream Review

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

There's nothing I love more than a good makeup dupe. I love high-end makeup, but I love knowing that the drugstore brands can offer products that are of the same quality, but at a much lower price. The last few months I've been all about glowy, dewy skin so MAC's Strobe Cream had become a staple in my everyday routine. Although I love it, it's quite a pricey addition to my makeup routine at €33.50, so finding this dupe was a major sigh of relief for my purse!

Freedom's Pro Studio Strobe Cream is a radiance enhancing product that can be used under your foundation, or mixed into your foundation to give the skin a healthy, luminous glow. The product initially is a thick white cream, but when you blend it into the skin it sheers out to a pearlescent glow. I personally love applying this before my foundation, focussing it on the high points of the face. I then just apply my foundation over it and it gives the skin a beautiful healthy glow.
Left: MAC Strobe Cream Right: Freedom Pro Strobe Cream
You only need a pea sized amount of Strobe Cream to do your whole face, and even less if you're mixing it into your foundation. I find that it works really well when mixed with a foundation, but you don't want to use too much for fear of looking like a disco ball! It doesn't provide a very intense glow, but it's not a product you want to go overboard on as it has a slightly pink tone to it, so less is definitely more.

I absolutely love this Strobe Cream - I can't fault it at all. It's a mere £8 for 50ml of product, which is exceptional value considering it's pretty much identical to MAC's Strobe Cream. It's also a great way to try out strobing without having to go off and spend a fortune on more expensive highlighting products. It's a win win, really!

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  1. This looks amazing and gives such a glow!

    Parie x