My Kylie Cosmetics Collection!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Since Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Cosmetics lip range back in November, they have become easily the most coveted lip products on the planet. After months of trying, last month I finally secured a few of the lip kits, as well as a gloss and one of her new metal mattes. I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them, and I absolutely love all the kits I got. I feel like they're a bit of a risk as they're online exclusives, and I generally don't like buying makeup online - I love being able to swatch things and see them in reality. I also feel like with Kylie's range, they look so different on everyone that it's quite difficult to choose what shades will suit you. Hopefully this post will be helpful if you're not sure which kit is for you!

Lip Kit in 'Exposed'
Exposed is the newest addition to the lip kit line up. I instantly fell in love with it when Kylie posted a picture of it on her Snapchat as it's the perfect nude. I'm quite fussy when it comes to nude lipsticks as I'm relatively pale so I don't like very light nudes, but this strikes a balance between a true beige-nude and a brown-nude. I love the formula of the liquid lipsticks, they're incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the lips. I know a lot of people have said they feel the quality of the product varies from shade to shade, but I've been very lucky with my three kits, I really don't have a bad word to say about them.

Lip Kit in 'Candy K'
Candy K is my favourite of the three lip kits I have. It's the exact colour that I would associate with the Kylie lip trend that started a few years ago - a pinky-brown 90's shade. It's my go-to lip colour at the moment as it's such an easy colour to wear. It stays all day, but sometimes I like to touch it up to add to the intensity of it. It layers really well, which I was surprised by as I find that Dolce K has a tendency to flake when you try to reapply over a dried layer. Like with Exposed, it's super comfortable on the lips and lasts really nicely throughout the day.

Lip Kit in 'Dolce K'
Dolce K was the first lip kit I bought, and it's the one I use the least. It's a caramel nude, but it's much darker on me than I had anticipated. I expected it to be slightly darker than Candy K, but it's actually just pure brown on me! I love using the Dolce K lip pencil with Like gloss as it's much softer on my skin tone, but the lipstick is just too dark for me to wear everyday. As I said earlier, I find it a little bit flakey on the lips after a while, so it's definitely my least favourite of the kits I have. I love using the lip liner on its own though.

Metal Matte in 'Heir'
I loved the look of Kylie's Metal Matte range, but I thought they were totally unwearable. However I saw a picture of Khloe wearing Heir and it actually looked really nice so I decided to give it a go. It's definitely not a go-to colour for me as when it dries it can look quite odd on the lips - it's matte, but it's also shiny?! The colour is beautiful, it's a salmon-peach shade, but the finish is just a little odd on me. I think it's perfect for a festival vibe, but maybe not as an everyday lip look! Similar to the lip kits, it feels lovely on the lips and isn't drying at all. These are cheaper than the kits too as they don't include a pencil, so they're $18 each.

Gloss in 'Like'
I'm not really a lip gloss wearer these days, but I really loved the colour of Like and I was majorly impressed with the pigmentation of them when Kylie swatched them on her Snapchat. There was a lot of controversy over the quality of the gloss wands, but Kylie has reassured her customers that they have since been rectified, and as you can see from the picture, my wand came in perfect condition. The gloss is absolutely beautiful on the lips, and feels really moisturising. I find that I have to blot it a bit because it's quite sticky, but once you take the excess off it wears really nicely throughout the day. There are three glosses in the range and they're $15 each.

Overall, I'm majorly impressed by Kylie Cosmetics. I had a great experience ordering with them - my orders were processed instantly, and they were shipped to Ireland within about a week and a half. I genuinely don't have anything negative to say about her products - they're long wearing, the colours are beautiful and you definitely get what you pay for. It's easy to see how these have become the most coveted makeup items on the planet. 

Have you tried any of Kylie's lip kits?

Zara :-)x 


  1. I've not tried any yet but they all look amazing, the colours are so beautiful! X

  2. I've not tried any yet but they all look amazing, the colours are so beautiful! X