MAC x Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipgloss Review & Swatches!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I love when MAC collaborate with some of the world's biggest superstars to create their own Viva Glam lipsticks. If you're unfamiliar with MAC's Viva Glam range, the entire price you pay for the lipstick goes towards helping people with AIDS and HIV, so it's a great cause. It's also a nice way to contribute while getting yourself a new lippie at the same time! Following the footsteps of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande is the latest Viva Glam girl.
Ariana has released both a lipstick and a lipgloss, but they're total opposites! This is quite unusual as generally the lipgloss is designed to compliment the lipstick, but I love it because it caters for both the neutral lip lover and the bold lip fans!
I don't have a review of the Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick as I didn't buy it, but it's a beautiful deep purple that almost looks black in the bullet. It's a matte finish and I wish I was brave enough to wear it!

The Viva Glam Ariana lipglass is a beautiful nude-pink that's packed full of glitter. As you'll see in the swatch below, it's actually quite sheer, which is a bit of a pity. It's still beautiful on the lips, it's very Victoria's Secret-esque - it looks just like that light, glossy lip that their models tend to go for. Like most MAC lip glasses, it's quite sticky but sticky glosses don't bother me - if I like the colour, I'll put up with it! I find that the stickiness improves the longevity of the gloss so it's not a problem for me. 

 While I love the gloss and have been using it every day, it's certainly not a revolutionary product or anything different from what's on the market now. A great dupe for this shade is Rimmel's Stay Glossy in the shade Non-Stop Glamour, or Tanya Burr's Daydream gloss. I think this colour is beautiful for plumping the lips and giving the effect of fuller lips as the little glitters in it look so flattering on the lips.

I absolutely love the colour of this lip glass and it's become my go-to shade. As I said, there's plenty of dupes out there for this but I mainly bought it to support the Viva Glam cause, and I'm a big fan of Ariana so I wanted to snap up one of her glosses before they sold out. When I bought this on Friday, my local MAC counter only had six glosses left so if you're interested, be sure to get to your MAC counter asap! The lipgloss is €19 and the lipstick is €20.

This range has got me thinking who else should make a Viva Glam shade with MAC - I personally would love a Viva Glam Britney Spears, or perhaps Beyonce....

What's your favourite Viva Glam product?

Zara :-)x 

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