Zoella Beauty Kissy Missy Lip Balm Review

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The beauty blogging community went into a frenzy last year when Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, released her first beauty line. It came out just before Christmas and was an instant sell-out. While I'm a huge fan of Zoe and actually bought some of her first range for my younger sister, I didn't pick up anything for myself. A few months ago she released her second range, a Tutti Frutti collection, and I knew I had to have it all!

My little sister bought me the shower gel and bath fizzer bar (reviews of both coming soon!), and I got the rest of the range from FeelUnique.com a few weeks ago. Today we're talking about the adorable Kissy Missy lip balm.

Kissy Missy is a potted lip balm with a light pink tint to it - think Pink Punch Baby Lips style: an incredibly sheer wash of colour over the lips. It has a completely different scent to the rest of the collection, as it has a cocoa butter fragrance, as opposed to the fruity scent of the body products.

The lip balm is a pleasure to wear on the lips - it's so smooth and really hydrates the lips while also giving them a wash of colour. The product has the perfect texture for application - it's not too soft, nor is it so hard that you really have to dig your finger in to get the lip balm out.

It would be great if Zoe released a stick version of the lip balm for on the go, as I personally prefer stick lip balms for on the go, but I still absolutely love this one. I just make sure to always have one of my Bath And Body Works Hand Sanitisers handy when I'm out and about!

The Zoella Kissy Missy lip balm is €3.49 and available online from Feel Unique or in stores now.

As I said, I'll be reviewing the whole collection as I continue to use it, so stay tuned for more Zoella Beauty reviews - so far I've been absolutely loving the collection.

Have you tried any Zoella beauty products?

Zara :-)x

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