Your Tea 'Tiny Tea' Teatox Review!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Now that the new year is just upon us, many of us will be kick-starting the yearly 'I'm going to get fit' resolution after all of the indulgence over Christmas.
Today I'm going to be showing you the perfect tool to help you start your weight-loss journey off with a bang! This is the Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea. I'm sure you've seen a variety of different teatoxes on Instagram or on other blogs, so you get the jist of what they're designed for.
Basically, these teas are formulated to cleanse your system and help speed up digestion. This is not some sort of crazy juice diet though, you have to maintain a healthy diet in conjunction with your teatox. I'm going to share my experience of it, so it can help you decide whether it's the tea for you or not.

Your Tea kindly sent me the Tiny Tea 14-day teatox, which lasts for 14 days. You take three cups of tea a day, 30 minutes before you eat. I was specifically interested in the skincare element of the tea, more so than the weight loss, as I was intrigued to see whether it would improve my skin.

The tea itself tastes fairly similar to regular green tea, so it's nice and easy to drink. It's packed with some incredibly healthy ingredients such as Lotus Leaf, Barley and Prunella Spike.

After about a week, I could see a remarkable difference in my skin - my acne had started to clear up and my face wasn't as puffy.

When I completed the teatox, my skin looked incredible - it was glowing and looked so healthy. I was majorly impressed! However, this tea isn't specifically designed for caring for your skin - Your Tea have a specific Skin Magic tea.

On the weight-loss front, I most definitely noticed a difference when I finished the teatox. As I said, I wasn't particularly focused on losing weight from this teatox, but I was so happy with the difference in my weight when I was finished!

I'd highly recommend picking up a teatox from Your Tea to aid your healthy New Years resolutions, as they are the ideal way to kick-start your fitness routine.

The 14 Day Tiny Tea Teatox is €25 and is available on
Yes, I like to drink my Teatox from my One Direction mug! 

Let me know what your New Years Resolutions are, or if you've tried any other Teatox you'd recommend!

Zara :-) x


  1. Ooh that sounds like exactly what I need to kickstart a skin detox after the indulgence of Christmas. I've tried Bootea's one (and reviewed it on my blog), but feel as though it didn't have any incredible benefits, although it did ease bloating!

    Steph -

  2. This sounds really cool - I'm trying to get my skin and diet back on track this year! xx

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  3. I've always considered trying something like this and I might just do it this new year, Thankyou! Happy New year! xxx