Paese Cosmetics Launch New Eyeshadows!

Monday, 29 September 2014

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll probably know that I am the definition of an eyeshadow addict. I really can't get enough, so new eyeshadow launches make me excited beyond words.
When a bag of brand new Paese Cosmetics eyeshadows landed at my door step, it felt like Christmas had come early! 
Paese have launched three amazing eyeshadow collections - Kashmir, Opal and Diamond. For a day or night time make-up look, each collection boasts a wide variety if colours, finishes and textures. The pigmentation is absolutely incredible, as are the prices. I am absolutely loving these eyeshadows, they are the only ones I've been using since I received them! Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Paese Kashmir Matte Mono Eyeshadow, €4.99
In my opinion, a good matte brown eyeshadow is an absolute essential in a girl's make-up collection. They have a multitude of uses - from acting as a transition colour to blending out darker shadows, or even just to add a wash of colour across the lids, you really shouldn't be without a good one! This is 671 and it is my new staple brown eyeshadow! The colour intensity of these matte shadows in nothing short of impeccable, as is the formula. They are so soft and buttery, and blend like a dream. I have been loving this shadow all over the lid and blended into the crease, then a little bit of NARS Night Porter eyeshadow on the centre of the lid for a perfect Autumnal eye look. These shadows can also be used dry or wet, but I personally prefer the look of them dry. The use of silk proteins in the formula prevents fallout so you have no worries when applying these products. I found this particularly interesting as I have never come across an eyeshadow that has actually been formulated to stop fallout.

Here is a swatch of 671 with no base underneath. How amazing is it?! This is definitely my favourite 'basic' shadow in my collection and I would highly recommend checking it out if you're in need of a new matte brown. I would say it's an excellent dupe for Espresso eyeshadow by MAC, but I personally prefer the formula of this one! And even better, the matte collection has 24 shades to choose from!

Paese Kashmir Matte Trio Eyeshadow, €5.50
The Kashmir collection also has matte trio eyeshadows, and this one features some bright and bold purple shades. I love how they all compliment each other and give you the perfect, bold purple smoky eye in one handy screw-on tub. I think this little trio is the perfect alternative to your conventional brown or smoky eye on a night-out. The colours are so intensely pigmented, yet they're effortless to work with. With paler shades like the pink and purple featured here, they usually tend to be chalky and lack pigmentation. Not in this trio!
The shadows are just beautiful and I think this combination of colours is something that a lot of people probably wouldn't put together, nor would they even own. I just love these colours together so much! I like to pair this smoky eye look with MAC X Kelly Osbourne's Dodgy Girl lipstick, which is a matte lilac purple like the purple here. It looks gorgeous together!
My camera really doesn't do the shades justice - but you can still see how stunning they are! This trio is 682. The range has 6 trios to choose from.

Paese Opal Shimmering Trio Eyeshadows, €6.99
How beautiful are these?! As you can imagine, I have a small army of neutral trios but this is by far the most beautiful one I own! I love the colours so much, I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them. These shadows are paraben free and are formulated to prevent fallout, like the matte shadows. These trios were designed with busy girls in mind, so each trio is created to be worn on its own - no need for adding extra shades from other palettes. This is my current go-to day time eye look as the colours are so striking yet so simple and quick to apply. A little goes a long way with these shadows too - one dip of your brush is enough to do it all! I mentioned it earlier on, but I just love the packaging of these little guys - it's so convenient yet still looks chic and expensive.

These shadows are called 'Golden Brown' and the number is 240. This collection has 15 Shimmering Colour Trios to choose from, but I would 100% recommend checking out Golden Brown for your new go-to eye look!

Paese Diamond Eyeshadow, €3.99
Say hello to your new smoky eye kit! These eyeshadows contain 50% natural pearl that creates a glistening, metallic finish. They are also made from natural pigments that make it perfect for sensitive eyes. You can use these shadows dry or wet - the colour pay off is much softer and smokier when applied dry, but applied wet gives the most incredible, bright, pearly, metallic sheen to the eyes. I absolutely love the middle silver shade - it looks incredible when applied wet!
Similar to the Opal Trio above, these shadows are perfect for throwing in your bag and doing on the way home from work, college, etc. as you have all the shades you'll need condensed into one tiny handbag-friendly tub. I would definitely recommend this for a dramatic night-out look if you love traditional smoky eyes.
Look at that shimmer!! *insert heart-eyed Emojis here*  This is number 712. I'm a total magpie when it comes to eyeshadows so these are definitely up my street. If the black and silvers are a little too harsh for you, there are 10 trios to choose from so you're spoilt for choice! There are also 12 Diamond single eyeshadows, so rejoice, my fellow eyeshadow lovers!
Paese have covered all angles of eye make-up goodness with this collection, as to go with your new fabulous eyeshadows they have developed an eyeshadow base to go with the new shadows.

Paese Eyeshadow Base, €9.99
 How cute is this?! It's a tiny 5ml - which is ideal for travelling - but a little bit of this goes a long way! This isn't tinted at all, it applies clear and slightly sticky.
It creates the perfect canvas for your eyeshadows, and really helps to intensify your look even more, as well as keeping the shadows looking perfect all day/night. I love trying different eyeshadow bases but I find they can be quite hit and miss on my super oily eyelids, but this is a definite hit! I absolutely love it and it is the perfect canvas for my shadows.

I am in love with this new collection from Paese! The prices are great, the eyeshadows are absolutely stunning and will definitely be my go-to colours for the autumn/winter.
You can buy them online at

Let me know what you think of the shadows and what your favourite colours are!
Zara :-) x


  1. The shadows look amazing! We don't have access to this brand in Australia which sucks because they're prices are great! Fav colour would have to be that brown though! xx

    Emily ⎮

  2. I haven't seen this brand in Canada but I am amazed at how amazing the pigmentation is especially for the low price!

    Reflection of Sanity