New In: Make-Up from Givenchy and Hermes!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello! On my recent holiday with my family to Fuerteventura, I picked up some new pieces of make-up as they have a great selection of brands that are much cheaper than they are here in Ireland.
One stand that interested me in particular was the Givenchy make-up stand. I couldn't recall ever seeing Givenchy cosmetics at home so I went on a swatching dash to choose what I was going to get!
I finally settled on two items - an eyeliner and an eyeshadow, so let's take a closer look:
*The prices featured here are the Irish prices as I can't remember how much I paid for them!

Givenchy Magic Kohl Eye Liner Pencil, €19
Please excuse the odd hand pose! 
The Givenchy stand didn't have many eye liners to choose from, but instead of picking up yet another black pencil, I chose this beautiful wine colour. It's 06 - Purple Red and I thought it would be a fun way to brighten up a neutral eye look. However when I used kind of looked like my eyes were red or irritated. The red in it is much stronger than I had anticipated which made it come up quite harsh on my waterline. I think I'll be avoiding this in the waterline! However it's a really high quality liner - it doesn't smudge, but it's still creamy and glides on smoothly. Not all is lost with this pencil, it's creamy enough to apply to the lids and blend out to use as an eye shadow, which is what I've been doing since I got it and it looks really beautiful! It also makes for a great lip liner!
I did use it as an eye liner on my lids too over a matte eye shadow and it was lovely. I think the only place I would avoid applying this liner is the waterline!

Givenchy Le Prisme Mono Eyeshadow, €28
How beautiful is this eyeshadow?! The idea of this eyeshadow is that you get four different finishes in one pan. It reminds me of a little chocolate bar, with each square having a different finish from light pearly, intense pearly, matte and sequined.
It's called 09 - Modish Brown  and I absolutely love it! It's been my go-to shadow recently, and I think it'll be perfect for travel as you technically have four different shadows in the one tiny little palette. The packaging is very luxurious, it has a magnetic closing and is quite heavy, so again from a travel perspective, it'll be perfect as it's a sturdy palette.
As you can see from the swatch, the shadows are absolutely stunning - the colours are so vibrant and pigmented, and these swatches were taken without any base under them. My most used shadow is the matte one - it's a milk chocolate colour that's slightly cooler than Buck by Urban Decay.
The swatches from top to bottom are: Sequined, Matte, Intense Pearly and Light Pearly.

And the last item I have to share with you is by Hermes - yes, Hermes! I've always been aware that they have a range of perfumes, but I had no idea they had dabbled in make-up. After researching it, I discovered that this product has since been discontinued - it was a once off item and the shop I bought it from just had a few left to sell. If you are interested in it, I've found it on several different websites but prices begin at $50 for this little guy!

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Marvelous Highlight Pencil

 This highlighting pencil comes as a long chubby stick-style crayon which can be sharpened as opposed to twisted up. The box says that it can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. When they say lips, I imagine they mean the cupid's bow as I can't see how anyone could rock a white glittery lip! Anyway, I use this to highlight my cheekbones and under my brows. It has become my go-to highlighter! Admittedly, I was never a huge highlighter person but as of late I have been getting really into them and this one is just divine.
A little goes a long way with this highlighter because it is quite glittery, as you can see from the swatch below. As it's a white stick, what I tend to do is just apply a bit of it to a clean foundation brush, then fan it on the tops of my cheeks. This is purely because I don't want to ruin the stick by applying it to freshly applied foundation!
As I said, this product is unavailable from Hermes retailers any more but if you are a big fan of Hermes or are just really intrigued by this product, if you type the name into Google there are quite a few places such as eBay and Amazon offering it.

So they are my new high-end beauty purchases! Have you tried anything from Givenchy or Hermes?
Zara :-) xx


  1. The Givenchy eyeshadow is just gorgeous! Great reviews on beautiful products!

    Shireen xx

  2. Love the Givenchy eyeshadow,beautiful color.Hermes highlighter has such a cute packaging.

  3. I, too, have to admit to never having spotted Givenchy cosmetics from my area either! The Hermes packaging is particularly beautiful and the Givenchy eyeshadow is lush! Great choices, girl! :)
    - Thanks for following me on Bloglovin', I've returned the favour! -


  4. Well. I first wanted to congratulate you on your new purchases. I still have not bought any high end cosmetic products.