Michael Kors Make-Up: Is It Worth It?

Friday, 29 August 2014

Michael Kors is the man of the moment, with his handbags being toted by every woman you meet. Many people don't actually know that around this time last year he launched his own beauty line. Michael Kors Beauty was divided into three sections - Sexy, Sporty and Glam, and each section had its own bronzer, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss and perfume. I believe that he recently added some lip balms and false tan, too. My parents bought me my Michael Kors make-up for Christmas and they bought it from Escentual. So considering I've had this make-up for 9 months now, I think I'm ready to give you my verdict on whether it's worth the splurge or not!
If you live in Ireland, the official Michael Kors Beauty stockist is Arnotts.

Michael Kors Bronze Powder, €45

 Now first and foremost, I am a sucker for packaging - how beautiful is this?!
There are three bronze powders available in the collection, and this one is called Beam. It's a deep coppery shade, with a golden undertone. When applied, it has a glowy sheen but I love it because it doesn't accentuate pores - which I find can happen with overly glittery powders.
This bronzer suits all skin tones, as there isn't an orange tint to it - it's a true golden. I love to use this a blush in the summer when my skin is a little darker, or in the winter I just brush it lightly across my face to add a bit of a bronzed sheen.
I'm sure a lot of people will have reservations about the price (I can't blame you!) but as you can see from the pictures, I don't ever seen myself hitting pan or running out of this product! When I first opened it, I expected lots of packaging and little product.
The bronzer is absolutely huge, so I can't ever see myself needing a new one, so on that front I do think the money you're paying is justified. This also makes a beautiful eyeshadow, so you can justify it as a multi-tasking product!
The packaging is so beautiful - it's a reflective gold case that is quite heavy. It also has Michael Kors engraved on the front. The mirror inside is huge so it's quite handy for travel.
The powder has Michael Kors printed onto it too. My favourite thing about the powder is that it is actually scented with his Sexy Amber fragrance, which is my favourite scent by Michael Kors! I only noticed it when I actually smelt the product to review, so there's no overpowering smell on your face when you apply it.
I highly recommend this bronzer, it gives the most beautiful, natural glow to the skin and as I said, it is flattering on all skin tones.
It is a very expensive bronzer, but I really do think you get your money's worth out of it - I don't use any other bronzer other than this!
This is from Michael Kors' Glam range.

Michael Kors Lip Lacquer, €30.50
Like the bronzer, this lipstick also has the beautiful, heavy, reflective gold packaging. This lip lacquer is called Diva and it's a cool peachy nude. It's quite a sheer lipstick, my swatch below shows it after about three layers. I personally prefer lipsticks like this that I can build up, as opposed to strong pigmented colours that are difficult to tone down. Similar to the bronzer, I would say that Diva would suit all skin tones.
The lipstick is scented - it has weird lemon smell to it, which I'm not a huge fan of. Normally high-end lipsticks smell gorgeous, but I'm not a fan of this scent (YSL lipsticks win the smell award for me!) but it's not enough to put me off the lipstick as it's not too strong and it doesn't leave a taste like some lipsticks do. The longevity of the lipstick is fantastic - I wore it to a ball a few months ago and it was perfect for about 8 hours! Even after eating, it doesn't wear away. It applies so smoothly, it feels like butter on your lips without being too creamy. It doesn't settle into the cracks of your lips, which is always a bonus! It has quite a shiny finish - almost like a gloss without the stickiness. It's a brilliant moisturising formula as well.
I would probably say that this is one of my top high-end lipsticks - there really isn't much to fault it on!
With regards to price, it's about the price of your typical Chanel or YSL lippie, so it's not too extortionate if you're used to buying those. This lipstick is from the Sporty range.
Top - Diva Lipstick
Bottom - Beam Bronzer

So the verdict is in - is Michael Kors Beauty really worth it? The answer is YES!
It's clear that this was a well thought out line and I love that the items are universally flattering shades.

Let me know what you think of the range - are you planning on treating yourself to some Michael Kors make-up?
Also, thanks to my mum for lending me her Michael Kors bag for the pictures - how beautiful is it?! 

Zara :-) x


  1. Ah I have been thinking about getting some of their range for ages! I have not seen a single beauty bloggers review on it though- so thank you for that :)
    I personally really like the look of the lip lacquer and lip gloss from the sporty range - it looks like a nice nude! I was really sceptical about the bronzer, because when swatching it hardly anything showed up!! But your reviews is, sadly in a way, far too convincing! It is soo pricey though so I will need to evenly distribute my purchases over the year haha :D looking forward to getting them now!

    PS: Have you tried their perfumes? xx


    1. No problem at all - I've also noticed that his line wasn't really picked up by beauty bloggers!
      I do apologise for being an enabler haha, but it is definitely worth it! ;-) I have - I absolutely love the Sexy Amber fragrance :-) xx

  2. I have the roller perfume and lip gloss duo and I love it! Must get my hands on their lipstick, the packaging is just so luxurious.

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  3. That bag is gooorgeous!! The makeup sounds great too!


  4. Great, I didn't know about the make up


  5. I have never tried anything from Michael kors makeup range but I am now tempted! That lipstick is stunning, I can imagine it too look stunning at the ball too, or even with a bronzed makeup look! Even better that is has great longevity, I think I will be checking out mr kors lipsticks very soon


  6. love that post! thank you so much for the review, I've been thinking about buying some of it and know I know more about it ;)
    greets :)