SoSu Eyelashes Review!

Monday 30 January 2017

For as long as I've been into makeup, I've always been obsessed with false eyelashes. I've never been one for the semi-permanent ones as I love being able to change up the style of my lashes to compliment the eye look I'm wearing or the mood I'm in. Finding good lashes for a decent price can be quite a challenge, so here is where Suzanne Jackson comes in. I'm sure you've all heard of Suzanne from her blog, and her brand SoSu has got everything from nail polishes to contour kits, but it's her eyelashes that really caught my attention.

There are three lash collections within the SoSu range - the Premium lashes, the Deluxe lashes and the Luxury lashes. Each range has a different price point, but are all equally beautiful lashes. I genuinely couldn't even choose which range I prefer the most as the quality certainly isn't compromised for the cheaper lashes. 

The Premium range consists of eight styles, and they retail at €5.95. They're human hair lashes and they are by far the most comfortable eyelashes I've ever worn. They're incredibly soft and lightweight, and they have a lovely thin band so that you don't even need to layer eyeliner over them to disguise the lash band. My most worn styles in this range would be Sara and Katie as they're quite natural looking but they add lots of volume and length - love! 
The quality of the lashes is absolutely incredible. One thing I love about them is how you can reuse them so many times. Generally I would only use lashes one or twice before glue starts to harden on them or they just lose their shape, but I've found that I've gotten so much wear out of these are the glue peels off them straight away and they stay in perfect condition. I put them straight back on the lash tray to help them keep their shape but I read that Suzanne is actually releasing a lash case to keep them in soon, so I'm looking forward to picking that up! 
The Luxury lashes are designed for a more dramatic, Kardashian-esque lash look. I picked up two styles in this range, the Kim (pictured), and the Rosie. The Rosie lashes are a little more natural so I've gotten more use out of them, however look how stunning the Kim lashes are! I'm saving these for a special occasion as I feel like they'll be the focal point of my makeup look. These lashes are a little heavier than the Premium ones, which is understandable as they're a fuller lash. These sets of lashes are €19.95, and can be reused up to 20 times. 
To me, the stars of the show has to be her Deluxe range that were designed exclusively for Penneys. These are the Belle lashes, and they're by far my all-time favourite lashes. In any pictures you see on my Instagram page, these are my go-to lashes for a night out! They're absolutely beautiful, and so easy to wear. There are three different styles to choose from in this range, and they're a mere €6 each. I actually have a drawer full of Belle lashes as they sell out so quickly. I always have to stock up when my local Penneys has them! 

None of the lashes come with a lash adhesive, but I personally recommend Duo glue, in my experience it's the best lash adhesive out there. Most pharmacies stock it too, so you'll be able to pick it up when you're shopping for your SoSu lashes! 

I can't recommend these lashes enough, there's really no faulting them. In terms of selection, price and quality, Suzanne has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the ultimate set of false eyelashes. 


  1. These look wonderful.
    It's great when you find a great product that is reasonably priced yet hasn't compromised on quality!

    Louisa x

  2. Awesome collection of Deluxe lashes. Its amazing to visit here.

  3. do the lashes come with glue??