NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows Review and Swatches!

Friday 12 August 2016

Over the last few months NYX have rolled out stands in big Boots stores all over the UK and Ireland. I've always been a fan of NYX products, but since they've properly launched in Ireland I've realised how exceptional their products are for the price you pay. NYX has definitely taken over my makeup collection and is fast becoming my favourite brand.

When it comes to my makeup, eyeshadow is my favourite thing. I love experimenting with different colours and finishes, and I've been obsessed with trying out the various formulas that NYX have on offer. Today's blog post is going to focus on my favourite of their eyeshadow range - the Prismatic eyeshadows. The Prismatic eyeshadows are a collection of 12 metallic shadows ranging from soft pinks to intense blues, with something to suit every eye makeup preference. I love the diverse selection of shades in this range, and the fact that each shadow is unique - I found choosing what shades I wanted so difficult as I have nothing in my makeup collection that compare to the Prismatics.

First up is Mermaid - a beautiful opalescent mint with a gold shimmer through it. This was the shadow that drew me to the Prismatic range, it stands out so much amongst the other shades. Initially I wasn't sure whether I would get the use out of it or not, but surprisingly I've been wearing it quite a lot! I love pairing it with warm brown tones and lots of liner, I think it looks so beautiful. It works really well when applied with either a brush or your finger - I expected it to be difficult to smooth out as it's so shimmery but it's super easy to work with.

Golden Peach is, as the name would suggest, a soft peach with a golden shimmer and a warm pinky undertone. This has been one of my go-to shades from this range as it's such a versatile shade and works well with so many different eye looks. It has an opaque finish, but I tend to use a white base under it to get the maximum effect from it.

Punk Heart is a deep plum that has a gorgeous warm reddish-brown undertone. It's actually quite difficult to find a good quality purple eyeshadow, but I think NYX really hit the nail on the head with Punk Heart. It's not too bold, nor is it too dark - it's the perfect purple to make your eyes pop. This looks particularly pretty with lots of warm browns in the crease.

Girl Talk is an opalescent pinky peach shade that's quite similar to MAC's Naked Lunch, only this has much more of a shimmer to it. When used lightly, this actually makes a beautiful highlighter for the cheeks, but I tend to use it more on the tear duct to really draw attention to the eyes.

 Fireball is probably my favourite of all the shadows I bought from the Prismatic collection. It's a reddish-copper shade that's a great dupe for MAC's Coppering eyeshadow. It's quite intense when you first apply it, but it's super easy to blend out. The shadow itself is so smooth and has the softest texture which makes it a dream to work with.

Bedroom Eyes is a dark bronze-brown shade with a golden shimmer. It's a gorgeous shade for a quick wash of colour all over the lid as it blends out really softly. One thing I love about the Prismatic shadows is how easy they are to work with. You can keep that intense metallic look, or you can buff them out to create a really subtle, soft eye look.

From top to bottom: Mermaid, Bedroom Eyes, Fireball, Girl Talk, Punk Heart, Golden Peach.

At €7 each, I couldn't recommend the Prismatic eyeshadows enough. They're so buttery and easy to work with, and as you can see from the swatches the pigmentation is incredible. As I said, they're available in 12 shades, but these would be my top picks from the lineup.

If your local Boots doesn't stock NYX yet, you can get these shadows from Boots online, or directly from NYX's UK website. They're definitely worth checking out!


  1. The copper and bronze are such pretty colours!


  2. Never tried NYX eyeshadows, but I definitely will now! We just got NYX here in Canada as well (about time!). Love their blush and lip creams.