New Skincare Loves: Thea Skincare!

Friday, 5 September 2014

As I've mentioned recently, my skin has been all over the place of late - I'm yet to narrow down what exactly is causing it, but in the mean time I've been trying lots of different skincare items to see if I can find the perfect routine to suit my skin.
Thea Skincare kindly sent me some samples of their organic enriched skincare line to test out and review for you all.
I was given three samples from their Age Revival range, which is enriched with hydrating organic antioxidants, such as Rooibos and Green Tea, Organic Aloe Juice and natural plant oils. I've been using the products for about two weeks now, so here are my thoughts on the products I was sent:

Uplifting Face Creme, £24.95
The Uplifting Face Creme is suitable for all skin types and is particularly great for dehydrated skin. My skin has been quite dehydrated recently and I've found that this moisturiser has really restored my skin and made it feel hydrated and smooth. It's very rich and absorbs into the skin easily - it doesn't stay sticky on your face, which is a huge bonus. A great thing about Thea Skincare is that while their products are beautifully scented, they don't have a strong perfume-like smell off them -  so they're a perfect option for those who have sensitive skin - or even people like me who don't like perfumed face products! As someone with problematic skin, I really appreciate the fact that this is 100% natural without any harsh chemicals - they are paraben and sulphate free. This moisturiser is also great under make-up, while it's quite rich, it's light enough to wear as a base under your foundation. Big thumbs up from me!

Antioxidant Face Cleanser, £32.95 
 This is definitely my favourite product I was sent! The Antioxidant Face Cleanser has ingredients such as plant oils, white and rooibos tea and natural organic sulphur and hyaluronic acid, all of which have huge benefits for your skin.
The only way I could explain this product is that it feels so buttery on your face - it's so smooth and feels really luxurious on your skin. It reminds me ever so slightly of the Lush face cleansers, except this one doesn't feel as harsh on your skin as there aren't any little exfoliating particles in this. I've been using this for two weeks now and I can definitely see an improvement in my skin - it feels and looks so much cleaner and softer. I can't comment on whether it is making me look younger, considering I'm only 17! If you were to treat yourself to one item from Thea Skincare, I would recommend this little guy! I understand that it's a little on the pricier side, but my 15ml sample has lasted me two weeks and I still have about half the pot left!

Dream Creme Face Exfoliator, £24.95
This is quite possibly the best exfoliator I've ever tried! One issue I always have with exfolitaors is that the beads tend to be quite big and rough on your skin, so it ends up making your skin feel worse rather than better. The Dream Creme Face Exfoliator has tiny organic Jojoba beads that are gentle yet effective - they remove any dead skin and leave the face feeling polished. I normally use this before applying face masks and I find it really effective. It is kind on your skin while also leaving it looking radiant - this exfoliator is definitely worth the money. You can see and feel the benefits of it immediately!

And they are my thoughts on Thea Skincare! The story on how Thea Skincare originated is quite extraordinary, so I would definitely recommend reading it on their website.
I couldn't recommend these products enough - I have already seen an incredible difference in my skin, and I have actually received compliments on the improvement from my friends who are now eager to try Thea Skincare!
You can check out Thea Skincare on their website, their Twitter and their Facebook.
Let me know if you've tried Thea Skincare or if you intend to!
Zara :-) x



  1. The exfoliator sounds gorgeous. My skin has also been acting crazy lately. I don't know what's up with it and am trying to remedy the problem. I'll definitely check out The Thea website!

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  2. Hi! Great review, i don't try it cause in Mexico we don't have thea Skincare.. you have a new follower, i’m following you via bloglovin … Hope you can do the same :)
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